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For Romans and tourists alike, there is a dream that is about to come true: THE European lakefamous place in the Italian capital, could soon offer its visitors a whole new experience: the bathing. This new example of redevelopment could come to life thanks to an avant-garde project aimed at transforming the artificial body of water into a swimming area, like other urban projects. like the Idroscalo in Milan and the Badeschiff in Berlinin Germany.

Acea analyses: towards swimming

Acea Infrastrutture, part of the Acea Group, was commissioned to carry out a careful analysis of the waters of Lake Eur. This study includes the evaluation of the chemical-biological, hydromorphological and water characteristics of the Cecchignola wells, which supply the basin. The objective is clear: to assess the feasibility of swimming and identify interventions needed to improve water quality.

The history of Laghetto dell'Eur

Designed in 1936 and inaugurated in 1960 on the occasion of Rome Olympics, the lake in the Eur district has always represented an important urban attraction, as well as an area of ​​historical and environmental value. With an area of ​​85,120 square meters and a depth of between 2 and 4 meters, it offers enormous potential to become a new seaside attraction.

Challenges and solutions for swimming

Make Lake Eur suitable for swimming this is not a project without challenges, given its vast area and the rich biodiversity it supports, including fish and aquatic birds. Additionally, the problem of algae blooms requires a targeted approach.

The solution may lie in bioremediation: the introduction of beneficial micro-organisms to restore the ecological balance of water. This advanced technology, coupled with constant surveillance, could make the dream of many Roman citizens a reality.

A seaside future for Europe

The plan to make Lake Eur suitable for swimming represents a bold vision for the future of the city of Rome, offering citizens and visitors a new space for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. With the support of innovative technologies and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Lake Eur could become an example of how urban areas can be transformed into natural oases for all to enjoy.

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