Justice – What is the “good consultation” created in the jurisdiction of Auxerre?

Low-income parties in the Auxerre jurisdiction will be able to benefit from a “good consultation” starting January 1, 2022, which will allow them to speak to a lawyer involved in the operation for free.

What is “good counseling”?

This is a document that provides a free consultation with a lawyer participating in the operation from the bar of Auxerre. “The idea is to allow those who don't necessarily think of going to a lawyer to do it anyway,” sums up Diego Tedesco, retired president of the Auxerre Bar. In order to make a request, you must contact the Court of Justice's sole party reception service (Sauj).

Who is it for?

“Good Counsel” is intended for parties of moderate income who have legal aid, allocated according to the reported taxable income, or failing that, the taxable resources of the applicant. “It is allocated based on a fairly quick calculation of the resource,” says Diego Tedesco.

This is to say that a lawyer is available and accessible to everyone. This is the help that goes in the direction of history.

What type of consultation should we expect?

These are real consultations, for a maximum of one hour. They concern the majority of lawyers who are usually mobilized by legal aid. In this context, the lawyer will be able to guide and advise the litigant according to his problem. “This allows you to manage difficulties in advance and to be reassured that sometimes, with two phone calls or a letter, we can solve the problems”, explains Mrs. Véronique Liand, the new president of the Auxerre bar from January 1. 2022 year.

Who pays the lawyer?

The operation, which the Auxerre Association is conducting, is the result of a tripartite agreement between the Ionian Department of Access to Justice Council, the Bar Council and the Auxerre Court of Justice. “The lawyer is paid 50% by the Ion Departmental Council for Access to Law and 50% by the lawyer,” explains Diego Tedesco.

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