Journalists from “Le Monde” and AFP are committed to media and information education

As announced in February, The world has decided to consistently advocate for media and information education. To carry out this project, we have entered into a partnership with the Entre les Lignes association, which has been active in this area for several years and in which Agence France-Presse journalists have been involved since 2016.

The world So, in May 2017, he joined the Congress, which had already linked the association for a year with the Center for Media and Information Education (Clemi) of the Ministry of National Education – which has since organized Press and Media Week in schools for 30 years – and Agence France Presse. Our common goal is to contribute to strengthening media and information literacy in the school system.

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Around a hundred volunteer journalists

There are now around a hundred journalists World and the AFP, which, through Entre les Lignes, voluntarily leads media and information education workshops related to the Clemi network for a young audience, mainly in middle and high schools. For the current school year, the association aims to carry out at least 300 interventions throughout France.

Our goal is to promote critical thinking in young people. It is not about turning students into aspiring journalists, but about enlightened citizens who are able to organize the information and images they receive every day, to doubt the source of a publication and the importance of press pluralism to understand.

In view of the increasing demand from teachers and educators, Entre les lignes has also been offering professional training for these target groups for several months, particularly on the subject of conspiracy theories.

The project is supported by the Ministries of National Education and Culture and the Fondation de France.

Sandra Laffont (AFP), President of Entre les Lignes and Delphine Roucaute (The world), Vice President:

“There was a real will to mobilize in our respective editorial departments, and Between the Lines offers a framework for this.” Journalists are more interested than ever in conveying their values, freedom of the press and freedom of expression, and in trying to restore a relationship of trust with young people. »

Jérôme Fenoglio, director of World :

“Deciphering the way information is produced and making the journalist’s work more transparent is one of the tasks of the “World“. It is an opportunity to open the doors of Le Monde's editorial office to teachers and young audiences. We are proud of this commitment and of making a contribution to media education through the Entre les Lignes association alongside Clemi and the AFP. »

Michèle Léridon, AFP information director:

“In the age of fake news and a growing propensity for conspiracies, it is crucial to develop the critical minds of young viewers and teach them to form their own opinions based on verified information. This is why AFP, together with our colleagues at Le Monde and Entre les Lignes, is committed to mobilizing journalists from its network and providing technical resources. »

Serge Barbet, director of Clemi:

“Le Clemi welcomes the mobilization of journalists within Entre les Lignes. Their commitment alongside teachers is essential to students' formation for free and enlightened citizenship. »

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