“It arose from a great need”: free consultations with lawyers in town halls are a great success in a village in the Aisne

In the village of Beaurevoir, in the Aisne, the town hall has been offering free consultations with a lawyer for two months. The opportunity for residents to solve their daily problems and a great relief for the mayor.

Once a month, the waiting room at Beaurevoir town hall fills up. Residents look forward to meeting a Saint-Quentin lawyer, who offers free legal advice in this town of 1,443 inhabitants.

The idea came from an observation by the mayor: that of his helplessness. “I meet many fellow citizens in difficulties. These difficulties are increasing and, for me, increasingly complex, because there are many problems to solve that concern justice and I do not have the answers.explains Christian Wabont, mayor (without label) of Beaurevoir. It arose from a great need: as mayor I was overwhelmed, because I was not studying law.

The elected official was surprised by the influx of officials. “At first we didn’t know how many people were going to come, we said maybe two or three.remembers the mayor. We realize that it is much more.

This solution is a relief for Yolande, a resident of the town who came to seek information about a conflict with her owner. “It’s very interesting, because not everyone necessarily has the means to consult a lawyer like that when they have small problems.the young woman greets. We do not have We have to travel, we don’t take out the checkbook at the moment, that’s a plus, because these days we pay attention to everything. We got answers from a real lawyer; Sometimes you can’t do searches like that on the Internet.

It is fortunate to have a lawyer who comes to a small town, it is really a service that the town offers us, everyone should benefit from it.“agrees Nicolas Desenne, another Beauregard resident.

Residential leases, works, inheritance, couples, lThe topics discussed with maître Nathalie Dens are very diverse. The lawyer is not surprised by the number of administrators who go to the hotlines, because the ones she handles in Saint-Quentin are also in high demand.

I find it interesting and I try to convey to people that you do not have to wait until you are in the process to go to a lawyer.points out the lawyer. We are also here to advise you before any procedure. I think people realize that we are accessible, that we listen to them.

Once a month, he travels the twenty kilometers that separate the town of Saint-Quentin to take advantage of the opportunity to change the image of consultations with lawyers, known for being expensive and difficult to obtain.

Beaurevoir’s mayor hopes to inspire other elected officials to open similar offices. As for Yolande, he now knows what to expect from her owner and plans to assert her rights.

With Rémi Vivenot / FTV

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