Is it possible to live in Milan without a car? Here's how to do it – News

There are those who love him and those who hate him, but Milan it is notoriously one of the most liveable and innovative cities in terms of mobility: public transport, bike sharing, electric scooters and taxis, to name just a few options.

Whether you are a resident or a traveler, you will quickly discover that living in Milan without a car is not only possible, but it is also a choice that can significantly improve the urban experience and stay in town.

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The public transport network: an effective backbone

The city has a public transport network managed by ATM (Milan Transport Company),

With five metro lines (M1 Red, M2 Green, M3 Yellow, M4 Blue, M5 Lilac) and numerous bus and tram linesCitizens and visitors can reach virtually every corner of the city and its suburbs using public transportation.

Cycling: a green and healthy choice

Milan actively promotes sustainable mobility with approximately 144 kilometers of cycle paths and lanes.

THE Bike sharing serviceboth fixed with pick-up and drop-off stations and floating (with the possibility of parking almost anywhere), make bike rental convenient and accessible.

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Scooter car and sharing: flexibility and freedom

The city offersDifferent car sharing options, including electric vehicles, which can be booked through the app and used to travel on time.

Likewise, the service of shared scooterg offers free-floating electric scooters, ideal for traveling quickly and avoiding traffic.

Electric scooters: the new urban frontier

THE electric scooter sharing they have become a familiar presence on the streets of Milan. They offer a practical solution for short journeys and are regulated to ensure the safety of users and pedestrians.

Taxi and car rental services

For those who require a more personalized service, Milan's white taxis and chauffeur-driven car rental services are easily accessible via an app, by phone or in dedicated parking lots..

These services offer convenience and flexibility for specific trips, including those to the airport or for special needs.

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A city on a human scale

Milan proves that even a big city can offer a high quality of life without the need to own a car.

The wide range of sustainable transport options not only facilitates mobility, but also helps reduce pollution and traffic, making the city greener and more livable.

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