Investment: gold confirms its status as a safe haven for the French

If some people use savings accounts or life insurance to save money In addition, others invest in an increasingly popular asset: gold. Investing in this precious metal allows you to protect your funds, but also guarantee an attractive income due to its constantly increasing price.

According to agencies specialized in buying and selling gold interviewed by Le Figaro, the number of French people investing in gold has experienced a spectacular increase. An observation confirmed to the same newspaper by the director of the agency Godot and son, aensuring that the number of clients received per day has multiplied compared to the last decade. “When I started in the 2010s, we were doing six transactions a day on average. Today we make 40 to 50 a day! » he told Le Figaro.

At the Antony's Or en Cash agency, interviewed by the same source, the observation is the same: more and more citizens are coming to sell their gold jewelry. They are usually family jewels that heirs sell to start a project or to cover their daily expenses. According to Jessica Hammoutène, director of this agency, many clients say they close these sales to make ends meet.

A quick and hassle-free purchase

According to the same manager, some clients want to use this precious metal to save. Many of them travel to branches to buy gold and secure their money, instead of depositing it in the bank. Jessica Hammoutène also highlights the enthusiasm of young people for gold, which they consider a reliable investment.

On the other hand, Jessica Hammoutène wants to warn against fraud, which is widespread in this area. She explains that many people claim to sell gold online. “Cheating by selling gold that doesn't exist.” To avoid falling into their trap, it is recommended to carry out the transaction in person, instead of online payments, or buy from well-known agencies.

The manager also reports scam attempts by clients who try to resell their stolen jewelry or steel. She recalls, on occasion, that an expert opinion is carried out at agency level before the buyback, to verify the authenticity of the gold and evaluate the price of the jewel, determined in particular based on its weight.

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