Inauguration of the Compagnie Nationale de l'Or 2024 franchise / Trading in precious metals, sale and buyback of gold

Founded by professionals with 25 years of experience, the Compagnie Nationale de l'Or, a French company created in 2008, is specialized in the buyback of gold (used jewelry, cast iron, trifles, dental gold, etc.), silver, platinum and sale of gold (monetary gold, bullion, etc.) and investment in silver.

CNAO Franchising, a subsidiary of SARL Compagnie Nationale d'Achat d'Or, allows the integration of franchisees for the development of the national network.

In the training, support and monitoring of franchisees, we attach great importance to these three criteria that already contribute to the success of our own network, made up to date of 14 agencies.

We provide expert training in precious metals to all our franchisees, a profession that they can practice throughout their lives and pass on from generation to generation.

Since March 2011, a partnership has been signed with Western Union, which means that each agency owned by the company has become a “Western Union service point”.

– Access to brand recognition posters (sign and visual identity)
– Initial franchisee training 1 month + 2 weeks of support
– Delivery of know-how manuals.
– Start-up assistance
– Exclusivity of a territorial area
– Site compliance visit included
– Layout of the point of sale: Interior concept, façade, office layout, POS, graphic menu (No initial stock)

An activity that does not require stock,
An activity without after-sales service,
An activity without cash flow problems,
An activity without hiring personnel,
Comfortable margins,
A recognized reputation in the precious metals trading market,
The largest number of branches in its own name in the market,

All branches of the National Gold Purchasing Company are profitable.

The National Gold Buying Company has never closed a branch. All openings were successful.

CNAO FRANCHISING has identified several key factors for the success of a branch (local communication, purchasing and negotiation methods, etc.) and has tested original methods among the brand's pilots.

Becoming a Compagnie Nationale de l'Or franchisee means benefiting from:

– TO strong brandleader in the gold buying marketto Visual identity and a concept, fruit of our experience,

– From Precious metal buyback rates guaranteed by the franchisor.

– TO franchisor who dominates purchase, sale, processingand gold recycling thanks to a foundry belonging to the group and European agreements,

– TO franchisor serving franchisees integrating a communication department, animation department, development, training center.

– Specific tools tested and developed in pilot branchesofinnovations regularexclusive services, a network manager concerned and involved in respecting theenvironment and sustainable development.

Custom developed management software for the CNAO, and the specificities of our profession that guarantee precise and rigorous management of its activity.

– With the concept of a national gold company, Your cash management just got easier! No more cash flow problems!

– An activity where you don't have to follow up with your clients to get paid!

– One's important communication – Budget 2011: €700,000 Campaign on television, radio and daily press and magazines at national, regional and local level.

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