In Milan there is half a house: where it is and why it is like that – News

HAS Milan there is a really very unusual and particular building, which arouses curiosity and many questions among those who see it.

It's about a house divided in two and is centrally located. But How is it possible that a house cut in two exists? We see where is he exactly the house and why it is halved today.

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Where is the house divided in two in Milan?

This building is located in right in the center of Milan, near the Duomo, not far from Piazza Cordusio.

To find it, you have to go to one of the most beautiful streets in Milan, Via Dante, pedestrianized and full of shops, clubs and restaurants, one of the places most frequented by Milanese and tourists. Halfway along the Via Dante, you must take a crossroads called via Giulini.

After passing the via Camperio crossroads and having traveled all the waywe arrive at a widelittle known, in which there is a small amphitheater that leads towards Via San Giovanni sul Muro and the Teatro Dal Verme, behind the Foro Bonaparte and Piazzale Cadorna.

And it's here, on the corner between via Giulini and via Porlezza, that there is this strange house divided in two.

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What does the house look like divided in two

The house is literally cut in half horizontally: the upper part of the surrounding wall is in fact missing.

The house number and number are placed at the main entrance access door at the property it's always like that original.

Inside space visible from the portal This appears poorly maintained and used as a private parking lot.

Why is the house cut in half?

It was definitely a residential buildingwho during the World War IIlike much of Milan, was hit by violent bombings and therefore lost part of the masonry.

It is not clear why, given the condition of the house, consideration was not given to completely demolishing it and rebuilding a new building in the same location.

In any case, it is a corner of town full of mystery and charm.

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