If they propose to you soon, they will surely do it with THIS ring because it is super fashionable

Tell me what date they proposed to you and I'll tell you what ring they did it with. If the big question comes up in 2018, we know which ring it will be with. With a dark blue sapphire. Something very similar to this:

White gold ring with sapphire and diamonds, from the 'Big Three' collection by Suarez.

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The proposal with a blue stone is not new – let's remember the legendary ring of Lady Di – and in fact it is typical of the most classic collections of jewelry brands like Suarez. But the final confirmation as a fashion trend is validated by the latest commitment influential on Instagram: that of Maria Pombo.

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Hers is a white gold ring. 18 carat set with an oval cut sapphire and a border of brilliant cut diamonds. It belongs to the collection “Big Three”, one of Suarez's most iconic collections, featuring very special sapphires, rubies and emeralds. We're told around the house that this is one of their most iconic models, and that the most basic piece starts at €1,490, with one piece going up to almost €130,000. The piece with 200,000 likes was specially created by Suarez's design team: “The star stone of María Pombo's engagement ring is an oval-cut blue sapphire weighing 1.94 carats. The country of origin of the stone is Sri Lanka. This intense blue is classified on the color scale as Royal blue. The central sapphire of the ring is also surrounded by a border of ten brilliant-cut white diamonds for a total of 0.64 carats,” they add.

Indian legend associates the sapphire stone with Saturn and darkness; In the West, this color is a symbol of calm and concentration. Sapphire has always been a color full of mystery. It is the pigment of royal blood and also of some of its emblematic jewels. This is the ring Prince William proposed to 'forever' with Kate Middletonand also the 52 carat stone that Richard Burton gave to Elizabeth Taylor. Sapphires have always been a story of legends, dreams and loves.

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