How to tell if it's real gold

03.02.2023 – 11:06h Updated 02/03/2023 – 11:06h

Authentic gold jewelry is very easy to recognize. Do you want to know if the rings, necklaces or earrings you have at home are made of pure gold? Or what if they gave you an authentic piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day? In this guide you can check out some of the best tips for Differentiate real gold from gold baths or alignments with some tips and home remedies you can do at home. with common household items. With lemon, with vinegar, with a magnifying glass to check it with the naked eye, with your teeth and even with a magnet. Trying all these homemade tricks will not take you more than five minutes and thanks to them you will be able to dispel all doubts about whether what you have at home is a real treasure or not.

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Home remedies to know if it's real gold

All the home remedies and tips that can be put into practice to know if a piece of jewelry is real gold are different techniques that are used to verify the authenticity of the piece. You can try some or all of them, to be 100% sure of the purity of the piece.

1. At a glance

Can you tell if a coin is gold just by seeing it with the naked eye? Yes. To put this test into practice, you hardly need any equipment, just a magnifying glass to be sure of what is engraved on each piece.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Gold coins have an engraved mark indicating the purity level or karats they have.. This is a small engraving that can be located in any area of ​​the room and is usually small in size. Although, usually this is written inside or in the lower areas of each of the jewelry. Therefore, one of the formulas to verify the authenticity of gold is to carefully check the coin to locate this engraving.

If one of the coins you have at home does not have this engraving and you are pretty sure it is authentic, we recommend performing some of the following tests to get a double check. The reason? The coin in question may be very old and the engraving technique did not exist at the time the coin was issued. Or that over time it has faded and the engraving is barely visible.

2. The dental test

Have you ever seen someone bite into gold to test its authenticity? Well we tell you This is a technique that works and is very easy to verify. Of course, you have to be careful not to leave too many marks on the piece.

The test is simple. Simply insert the piece lightly between your teeth and squeeze a little. But be careful, just a little. Gold is a soft metal that, when you press your teeth against the piece, leaves a mark. That is, if you bite into a piece and there is a slight bump or indentation in the piece, it is authentic. In case you can't leave this mark, it's not true.

3. With a magnet

The magnetic test is another of the formulas to know if a coin is real gold. But not just any magnet will do, it needs to be stronger than the usual one in refrigerators. If you have a strong magnetic piece in your home, you can try placing it near gold jewelry. In general, gold does not have magnetic properties and, therefore, Placing a magnet near the jewelry should have no effect.

4. With vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most versatile ingredients in the home. From cooking to cleaning. And yes, also to verify the authenticity of the gold. As? Very simple. You need to pour a little vinegar into a cup or container and place a gold jewelry in it. Once finished, wait about 10 or 15 minutes and remove the piece. Take a light-colored cloth and dry the piece. If the cloth or fabric is stained with some sort of black or dark dye, it is not real gold. Authentic pieces do not need to react with this cooking ingredient, so If traces of dirt remain on the fabric, the piece is not real gold..

5. With lemon

The lemon technique is similar to that of vinegar. Gold should not react on contact with this element and therefore the process to check whether it is real gold or not involves squeezing a lemon into a container and putting the jewelry in it. If when you dry the part with a cloth it leaves traces of black dots, it is a counterfeit.

6. Analyze the color of gold

Finally, another technique to verify the authenticity of gold is analyze the condition and color of each piece of jewelry. The first thing to know is that the color of gold is uniform. In other words, if it's an authentic piece, you won't see any worn areas or areas where the color has faded.

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