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When you want to buy real estatewhether it is land or a house, there could be the risk that the asset involved in the transaction is under mortgage.

So how do we know if there is a mortgage on the property we are about to buy? Here is some precautions to avoid unpleasant real estate surprises.

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How to understand if the house is mortgaged?

During the negotiationwhen contact has been made with the sellers, but the sale has not yet been made official you can request access to a whole series of Documentation legal regarding the house.

It is also possible and above all to know if the property In the question whether or not it is subject to a mortgage.

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What is a mortgage investigation?

It is possible to understand if the house, or even the land, is subject to a mortgage request a mortgage certificate.

It's a official document registered with the Italian State which declares a list of the first thirty acts transcribed and recorded on the property of any kindamong which also all foreclosures or mortgages.

Costs and procedures

To carry out an investigation of this type, we can request an inspection at local offices where the property is located, presenting the form 310.

To carry out this type of investigationexcluding any reductions or promotions, the cost of the service amounts to 47 euros.

Alternatively, you can submit the request also requests electronicallyfollowing the instructions and indications provided by the dedicated online office.

Why is transparency important?

It's good to remember what to ask consulting this type of document is a right potential buyers and that owners have a duty to show maximum transparency, guaranteed by law.

Indeed, if the owners try to hide one or more documents, it is important to remember that they are committing a crime. an offense and could incur legal sanctions.

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