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In Italy, there is a delay – fixed for a total duration of 3 years – beyond which I Foreign citizens they begin to enjoy a much easier civil and social status compared to the initial periods of their arrival in our country.

In particular, this change is highlighted even more markedly when it is desired apply for a mortgage loan to buy a house.

In fact, there are specific procedures that allow resident foreign citizens on the national territory of access cash financing: let's see all the details relating to the documentation to be presented and the requirements to be demonstrated.

Can a foreign citizen take out a mortgage loan in Italy?

As is the case for any Italian citizen who wishes to obtain a loan from a credit institution, even for foreigners there is information that must be provided to the bank to access the pre-established sum.

In particular, besides citizenship and residency documentsyou must demonstrate that you have a stable and paid work.

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Documents to present to the bank

At the time of the interview to request financing, the foreigner who is in Italy must first submit the residence permit (Or another equivalent certification among those issued by the public administration).

Obtaining this document is much simpler for citizens of a European Union country, owners of a visa recognized by all Member States. Also, as mentioned above, for all foreigners the procedures accelerate from the third consecutive year of presence in Italy.

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Mortgage loans for foreigners: what the bank asks regarding the employment situation

Concerning the professional conditions of foreign citizens residing in our country, the credit institution asks those who wish to take out a real estate loan to provide proof of certificate of work or collaboration which certifies your professional activity.

A document that any employer should be able to produce with relative ease. Finally, it will be necessary to show information concerning the salary level and others value of average annual income. Also in this case, It is best to contact your employer directly or, failing that, your accountant.

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