How to determine the selling price of a property

Put one on sale motionless at the right price is a fundamental step to accelerate the sale, while obtaining an adequate profit.

Contrary to what one might think, reselling a house or apartment by offering it at a price lower than the actual price does not make it easier to find a buyer. People interested in a house or apartment like the one you own, faced with an excessively low price, could in fact be wary and abandon the purchase so as not to fall into the trap of a scam.

Of course, selling at a higher price isn't a good idea either. To avoid making mistakes and identify the right value it is possible to follow three paths, which complement each other: consult real estate market data; perform a online assessment on platforms like the one accessible at the URL; make an appointment for an on-site assessment.

Below we will discover how these three ways allow you to Find the best price to whom to sell an owned property.

Consult real estate market data

The first step you can take to get an idea of ​​the value of your house or apartment that you want to sell is to look at real estate market data.

Consulting this data is now very simple, because it is made available on various websites dedicated to the sale or evaluation of real estate. To understand what is the average value of the property you own, you just need to access one of these sites, locate the dedicated page and perform a search by entering the location in which it is located.

These few steps will allow you to get an idea of average value per square meter of houses and apartments located not only in a given city, but, within it, in a specific neighborhood.

Carry out a first online assessment

Consulting the prices announced by the real estate market is not enough to determine the selling price of a house or apartment. THE actual value of the property could actually be completely different, because influenced by a large number of factors, from the state of conservation to the layout of the rooms and the view they allow you to enjoy. It is precisely for this reason that it is essential at this stage to take a first step forward and carry out an online assessment.

Generally free, the online assessment only involves a few minutes of time and, thanks to the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, makes it possible to obtain a value very close to the real value. To do this, you just need to:

  • access the chosen platformtaking care to keep ownership documents close at hand;
  • enter all required data (type of property, address, surface area, number of rooms, year of construction, year of last renovations, presence of a private garden, etc.), taking care not to make a mistake;
  • send the form.

The system will process the entered data in a few moments, returning a real estate value rather realistic and by sending, to the email address indicated, a detailed report.

Request an on-site assessment

Although the online assessment is now quite accurate, there are still some elements that it cannot take into account, as they can only be detected through inspection. For this reason, once the online assessment is completed, it is possible to take a final step. make an appointment with a real estate expert.

The professional, after a careful inspection of the house, during which he will have the opportunity to evaluate additional elements – the perception of noise coming from outside, the condition of the property, the impact of renovation work on habitability and conviviality, etc. -, will help refine the assessment and will allow you to know the best price to put the house on sale. For a better result, it will also carry out acomparative analysistaking into account sales made in the same area and relating to goods with similar characteristics.

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