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Sunday March 19, 2023, 12:18 p.m.

If you have jewelry at home, you have surely seen how your earrings, rings or necklaces have started to turn black and lose their natural shine. This is the main disadvantage of these cheaper materials. Upon contact with water, the gold or silver plated layer that covers the steel or iron is lost, causing it to oxidize. Although costume jewelry is less durable than jewelry, you can use several products you probably have at home to protect your accessories.

Tips for cleaning your rings, necklaces or earrings

If your rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants have already oxidized and turned black, there are several home tips to clean your jewelry and restore its natural shine. The properties of baking soda make it an essential product at home. It is used to remove stains from white clothes, wash pots, ovens or microwaves, and to relieve stomach aches. The ultimate all-rounder for removing stains, you can also use it here. Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda and half of the toothpaste in a bowl of warm water. Using a brush, scrub your jewelry until it is completely clean.

To clean metal jewelry, you can use effervescent aspirin. Immerse your accessories in a glass of water and add the tablets. Wait 10 minutes and they will be clean. A tip to regain your glow is to apply eye makeup remover and rub with a cotton pad.

How to protect the color of your jewelry

To prevent your jewelry from blackening and delay oxidation, you can use two household products: nail polish and petroleum jelly. When you put on an accessory for the first time, protect the material with a coat of nail polish or petroleum jelly. It is advisable to repeat this operation from time to time to extend the life of your jewelry. With a minimum of care, you will keep your jewelry longer. It is advisable not to store all the parts together so as not to damage them. You should also separate gold and silver jewelry from costume jewelry. The best way to keep them from rusting is to not swim with them in the pool or at the beach unless they are stainless steel. Don't spray cologne on it either.

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