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Dreams of never having to deal with it again exorbitant bills? Do you want to do your part to help theenvironment? Do you want to increase the value of your property on the market or benefit from various discounts for the purchase and installation of environmentally friendly energy solutions? THE photovoltaic it's definitely a good start. L'installation of a photovoltaic system in fact, it represents an advantageous choice for the production of clean energy and savings on the bill.

How many panels do you need for a house?

Don't worry, understanding it is easier than it seems. The important thing is to know all the factors to take into account to correctly size the system.

Determine how many panels are needed for a house, you must evaluate:

  • Desired self-consumption percentage: share of energy needs covered by the system.
  • Costs: plant and storage system.
  • Available space: roof or ground surface.

Some examples: a 3 kW system

  • Production: 3,000 to 4,500 kWh/year.
  • Costs: 4,500-7,500 euros.
  • Number of panels: 8-10.
  • Occupied space: 13.2-16.5 m² (20-25 m² total).

6 kW system

  • Production: 8,000 kWh/year.
  • Costs: 9,000 to 16,000 euros.
  • Number of panels: 3 p.m.-8 p.m.
  • Occupied space: 25-33 m² (35-50 m² total).

Factors influencing choice

  • Energy needs: annual consumption of kWh.
  • Roof orientation and inclination: the ideal exposure is towards the south, possibly south-east, south-west and the inclination of the ideal surface is 10° to 35°.
  • Shadows which can compromise the effectiveness of the system.
  • Budget available.
  • Tax incentives and deductions.

Energy production from a photovoltaic panel

THE panel performance depends on several factors, such as:

  • Module type: amorphous silicon (efficiency 8.5%), polycrystalline silicon (16-18%), monocrystalline silicon (19-21%).
  • Solar radiation in the zone.
  • Facility: inclination, orientation, operating temperature.

Choosing a photovoltaic system requires careful evaluation costs, dimensions, space and expected yield.

For this reason, it is advisable to request a quote from several installers, compare the different offers, choose a qualified and certified company and finally evaluate the installation of a storage system.

From March 1, 2022, the installation of photovoltaic panels will be even simpler. Thanks to the bill, the procedure has been simplified for installations up to 200 kW. Additionally, there are incentives and tax deductions that allow you to recoup some of the costs. Finally, a photovoltaic system increases the value of your property, making your bill truly green.

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