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Invest in gold This is a very common financial strategy for protect the value of money and ensure long-term savings. If you are a recent immigrant to Charlotte, North Carolina, and considering this option, here we provide you with a comprehensive guide so you can do so in an informed and safe manner.

Is it a good strategy to invest in gold to save in the United States?

Investing in gold can be an excellent savings strategy, especially during times of economic uncertainty. This doesn't just apply to the United States. Gold is considered a “safe haven” because tends to maintain its value over timeregardless of market fluctuations, unlike other major investments like the stock market.

Another advantage is that it is also a way to diversify investments and protect against inflation and currency depreciation. However, it is important to note that The value of gold does not always guarantee immediate returns. There are also other smart aspects that need to be known and analyzed.

Bars, coins or jewelry: which is the best option for buying gold?

exist three ways to acquire goldAnd The choice between each of them: bars, coins or jewelry, depends on your investment objectives:

  • Ingot: They are ideal for those who want to invest large sums of money. The bars have the highest purity among the three options, up to 99.9%. It is suggested to purchase bars with a minimum purity of 99.5%. This information should be printed on the bar, along with its manufacturer and weight.
  • Coins: In addition to their gold value, coins can have “numismatic” value, because of the interest it may have for collectors, for example. Coins such as the American Gold Eagle or the Canadian Maple Leaf are popular among investors.
  • Jewelry: buy gold in the form of jewelry may be more expensive due to manufacturing and design costs. However, they are a common form of investment due to the accessibility of different forms, which can also be made.

Where can I buy gold in Charlotte safely if I'm a recent immigrant?

Buying gold in Charlotte can be a simple task if you know where to look. Here are some safe options. But it all depends on the type of gold you are going to acquire.

THE local jewelry stores These are good options for purchasing gold in the form of finely finished jewelry. Some of the most recognized in Charlotte are Perry's Fine, Ballantyne Jewelers and Brownlee Jewelers, where it is ideal to make an appointment for dedicated treatments.

On the other hand, some mints They can offer both coins and bars, and even jewelry. Among the certified and best known are: Atlantic Metals Xchange and Independence Coin.

On the other hand, the online shopping They are secured through recognized platforms such as JM Bullion and APMEX, allowing you to purchase gold from the comfort of your home and offering risk-free delivery options.

Wherever you choose, it is important Research and choose suppliers with good references and clear return policies to avoid fraud. On the other hand, the purchasing points must be approved by the competent authorities as metal sellers, this guarantees that you are buying legal and certified gold.

Purity, storage and more: everything you need to know before buying gold

Before buying gold, consider these key factors:

  • Purity: Gold is measured in carats. He 24k gold is the purest (99.9% purity). To invest, look for high purity gold. Bullion leads in this aspect, as coins can sometimes lose their purity due to engravings and mixtures with other metals are common in jewelry.
  • Storage– Physical gold must be stored in a secure location. You can use a safe at home or rent a safe at a bank. However, this is not enough to protect your investment against a fire for example, which requires taking out additional insurance.
  • Certification and authenticity: As we've already mentioned, be sure to choose sellers that provide a certificate of authenticity with your purchase. This is essential to confirm the purity and weight of the gold.
  • Market and prices: Before buying gold, stay informed about price fluctuations, so that you are alerted to irregular prices from certain sellers. On the other hand, prices can vary daily, so buy at the right time.

What is the price of gold in the United States in 2024? Ounce, gram, kilogram

In 2024, the price of gold could vary depending on demand and global market conditions. At the time of writing, approximate gold prices are:

  • Ounce (24,000): $2,430
  • Gram (24,000): $78
  • Kilogram: $78,330

It is important to check updated prices before making a purchase as the value of gold changes daily. Platforms like, can provide you with real-time information.

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