How do I apply as a contract teacher?

“Who can I contact about becoming a contract worker at a vocational school?” »asks Jean-Michel, a reader from Magnanville (Yvelines).

According to Education Minister Pap Ndiaye, 3,000 people have been hired as contract teachers for the 2022 school year. The crisis in teacher recruitment is not a new phenomenon, but has worsened this year: more than 4,000 positions in competitive exams in the country are vacant, out of 27,300 vacancies in the public and private sectors (and a total of 850,000 teachers).

Many of you have asked us how to apply to become a contract teacher after an article was published detailing the diploma level required for this type of position.

We asked the Ministry of National Education the question: To submit your application, you must contact the academy where you want to practice. Each academy has a platform for submitting your CV and other documents online: Acloé (Open online application management application for the recruitment of educational personnel). “Each rectorate presents the recruitment conditions. »

If there is more or less information depending on the academy, in most cases you will have to submit your CV, a cover letter and your certificates in PDF format.

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Online recruitment

“There are online recruitment processes in all academies”, it says Rue de Grenelle. And it's the same process whether you want to apply for primary school, secondary school or even a vocational high school.

For example, at the Academy of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) you must have a diploma corresponding to the required discipline. It is possible to apply in several disciplines that correspond to your training.

As for diplomas, you must have a license for general education disciplines, a Staps license, a water rescue diploma, a first aid diploma (PSC1) for candidates who want to work in EPS and a license, DUT, BTS, professional baccalaureate, patent specialist, etc. Master's degree with at least three years of professional experience in professional teaching disciplines.

Other requirements must be met: physical fitness to enter the public service, no criminal record, a valid residence permit with a work permit for nationals outside the European Union.

This is what the academy says “You are available all year round”, because it is the needs that determine the attitude. Your application is valid for one year from the day you register, you can withdraw it from the website at any time.

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This is the same process you have to follow at the Poitiers Academy (Vienna). You must provide your CV, a cover letter and diplomas (at least the highest in relation to the application).

The same procedure also applies in Reims (Marne), this time the application is valid for six months, after which it is possible to submit a new application. The academy also states that this is the case “Your application may not be examined immediately (…) If you have not received a rejection, positive or negative opinion, it remains valid. In fact, some examiners only review applications for vacant positions.”.

You understand, Jean-Michel, to apply for a vocational high school, you can consult the website of your academy and, if you meet the conditions, apply to Acloé.

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