Homeschool: There is a free digital version of all school books here

The curfew requires classes to now take place at home. To make everyday life easier for teachers, parents and students, publishers have put digital versions of their textbooks online for free.

Since Monday, all students in France have had to study from home. A radical change in the lives of children and young people who are used to the rhythm of school. For this reason, the major publishers have decided to make all textbooks available online free of charge for the duration of the lockdown.


Here is the list of platforms that offer textbooks in digital versions:

Lib Manuels : Manuals from the Delagrave, Magnard and Vuibert editions

My textbooks : Books from school publishers of the Hachette Group

Library manuals : Manuals from the publishers Bordas, Nathan, Le Robert, Retz

Generation 5 : Mathematics textbooks and exercise books on the subject

Sondo by Mobidys : mainly literary works

The school book : various textbooks in digital versions from grades 6 to 12

Editions SEDRAP : Math, reading, science, and history textbooks for elementary students

Belin Education, Educagri : Textbooks for all subjects from elementary school to high school

An educational initiative that allows all students in France to learn their lessons via their smartphone or computer.

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