Home plan: new interventions are arriving to correct small irregularities

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, on the route of a meeting scheduled for April 4, 2024, has announced the preparation of a package of misure, replace the “Piano house”, direct to regulate the piccole deformity or irregular structure which is currently of interest to the real estate asset Italian. The objective is to protect small owners who have been waiting for years for their situation to be regularized and who are unable, in many cases, to renovate or sell their homes.

In a press release dated April 4, 2024, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport announces the preparation of “House plan», a set of rules dedicated to interventions on properties whose development was motivated by requests from local administrations, associations and organizations in the construction sector.


The interventions aim regularize THE small deviations and irregularities structural problems which affect nearly 80% of Italian real estate.

These include:

– the divergences of formal characterlinked to interpretative uncertainties of current regulations;

– differences buildingsconcerning individual real estate units, to which the owners have made slight modifications;

– deviations which could have been corrected at the time of the intervention, but which cannot be corrected today due to the regulations of “dual compliance» which does not allow numerous interventions to be obtained or reported under amnesty;

– interventions to enable destination changes use of properties between homogeneous categories.

The objectives of the “House Plan”

The objective of the measurements is protect THE small owners who, in many cases, have been waiting for decades for their situation to be regularized and who are often unable to renovate or sell their homes. We also want to reduce the work of municipal technical offices, often overwhelmed by amnesty requests.

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Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, press release dated 04/04/2024

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