Home, a source of opportunities

Maria Feminella

What is happening in the real estate market? Or, better yet, what are the short-term opportunities for those interested in becoming property owners?

The year 2024 certainly opens with excellent prospects for those who are looking for housing and will finance the purchase, since since February there has been a change of direction regarding mortgage rates and it is increasingly more likely that a further rate cut will materialize significantly between spring and summer. It goes without saying that buying a house will be accessible to many more families than a few months ago and would also partly resolve the housing crisis linked to the rental market.

Rental housing is scarce, often poorly maintained and increasingly expensive, so those who can buy a home will see the mortgage payment not only as a lower cost than rent, but also an investment rather than a disposable cost .

Excellent performance also for the new construction market which, despite the increase in demand per square meter, meets the needs of families who do not intend to embark on renovation and who increasingly appreciate the turnkey solution which offers guarantees in terms of deadlines. and costs.

The future of real estate is resolutely green and sustainable, Europe and the Member States will support in the years to come policies of energy requalification and renovation of buildings with a view to energy saving and well-being of life.

From 2025, incentives for the purchase and installation of gas boilers will cease, with the exception of hybrid systems, and the phase-out of fossil fuels in heating and cooling will begin by 2040.

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