Holiday homes, more expensive rentals in Pesaro but demand is also increasing: capital effect, 60% of possible contracts have already been signed

PESARO Seasonal contracts for vacation homes: more than 60% have already been signed. This is what real estate agencies and brokers say who process requests for short-term rentals to spend the summer holidays, from May to September. In Pesaro according to Federation of Real Estate Agents more than 20% of tourists opt for short-term rentals even though the prices charged by individuals and real estate intermediaries have increased. However, the number of families choosing Pesaro as a vacation destination from northern or central Italy continues to grow.

The price increases

The year of culture is having its effect. As Trieste real estate agent Ottavia Francini explains in Piazzale della Libertà, the appeal of the capital is certainly being felt. “Despite the fact that compared to summer 2023 – he details – the prices for a stay of a week or four have increased by 20%, especially if we consider the high season or the house with a view on the sea. This is why, taking advantage of the promotion linked to Pesaro 2024, the owners have also chosen to increase the price of the room for the entire duration of the stay. However, this does not always prove to be an effective strategy, already just outside the maritime area or from Baia to Levante, the risk is that some apartments remain empty.”

In fact, the supply of vacation homes in the city has doubled. From young people to middle-aged couples, more and more families in Pesaro are investing in buying a second or third house to convert it into a B&B or renting two-room apartments for seasonal use.

The trend

“The cost of rentals is increasing – explains Alessandro Amantini of Lalla Bianchi Immobiliare – but we are also clearly seeing more requests from tourists who want to stay from the 2 June bridge. It is generally considered a difficult month to manage given the lack of tourists and since the start of this season the movement has increased considerably to the point that the rented apartments are all well placed. In other words, compared to the key months of the season, the capital effect on traditional non-hotel holidays manifests itself in periods of seasonal adjustment, where we observe a more intense movement of requests and confirmations for apartments seasonal from April. and May, with stay confirmations also for 2025. Reservations regarding our real estate, which works in collaboration with Letizia Urbinati of Bike and Friends Hospitality, are still in progress, but in May we hope that all open availabilities will be entrusted Already for Easter weekend and sporting events, we calculated an increase in bookings of 15% compared to a year ago. It is now clear that tourists, whatever region of Italy they arrive in, tend to prefer the holiday villa or apartment to the hotel and this for various reasons, internal kitchen and more autonomy of movement. If we consider that there are private hosts who provide seasonal rentals, wifi in the house, bicycles or other similar services, that's it. “All vacationers – explain Ottavia Francini and Filippo Marotti – ask for a view of the sea from the second floor going up viale Trieste, viale Trento and viale Battisti. We also like the new residential buildings with terrace overlooking the sea and the first row of Baia Flaminia.”

The sale

The real estate sales market favors the purchase of small properties intended for tourist rental. This shows how practical it is for an owner to choose seasonal rental. The seasonal rent is lower in June, although it obviously varies depending on the location of the apartment, where it starts from a base of 300-350 euros per week and increases gradually. There is also a difference between the first half of July and the second, where in the latter we can even reach 550-600 euros to guarantee an end-of-month income of around 1800 euros. Everything changes in August, when prices skyrocket and for a week they start from 700 euros and reach up to 850-900.

The problems

“Even today – reports Amantini from the Bianchi agency – the real estate market in the Pesaro region is marked by caution when purchasing a first home, especially if it is a mortgage loan . And where the slowdown is still confirmed, while we note an increase compared to a year ago, in the demand for the purchase of second homes and apartments, in general properties to be made available for income with advantages for owners who currently resort to two options. or even tourist rental, undoubtedly the most popular, or even temporary rental. In practice, out of season – Amantini concludes – there is almost exclusively a transition contract from September to May, and therefore for a maximum duration of eight months.

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