Great Cheap Liverpool: Gold and silver jewelry with 50% off

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Do you want to treat yourself or show off with a gift voucher but you have a small budget? Then you definitely don't want to miss Great Cheap Liverpool, which offers gold and silver jewelry at over 50 percent off.

Costume jewelry has gained ground in the market due to its beauty, but above all due to its low price, which is why gold and silver pieces have lost popularity among consumers, as they are inaccessible to many consumers.

Fortunately, during sales periods like great Liverpool cheap It is possible to have in your hands a piece made from these precious materials at affordable costs.

That is why, on this occasion, we will share with you gold and silver jewelry with a discount of more than 50 percentwhich can range from earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

What are the “discounted” gold and silver jewelry at Gran Barata Liverpool?

From what we found on Liverpool's official website, 195 items are 50% or more off, and some of the nicest pieces you can shop include:

  • A set of silver and Swarovski earrings and necklace from the Zvezda brand, which has a normal cost of 1,499 pesos, but you can buy it for only 749 pesos.
  • The Email brand 14k silver zirconia earrings have a normal cost of 1,415, but you can buy them for 707 pesos.
  • 14k gold necklace from the Pandora brand, it has a regular price of 45,665 pesos, but you can buy it for 22,832 pesos.
  • The Tous brand 18k gold and ruby ​​bracelet normally costs you P55,000, but now it has a price tag of P27,000,500.
  • Tous brand 18k gold pearl earrings normally cost you 18,000 pesos, but you can buy them for 9,000 pesos.
  • All 18k gold shields regularly cost 16,500 pesos, but you can buy it for 8,250 pesos.
  • The Pandora brand silver ring normally costs 4,405 pesos, but this discount season you can buy it for 2,202 pesos.

These are some of gold and silver jewelry you can find at Gran Barata Liverpool with over 50% off; However, among its extensive catalog you can also find pieces between 10 and 70% off.

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