Gold jewelry on the street corner.

The gold exchange and sale business has just moved permanently to the corner of Georges-Lassalle Street. An act of faith for coach Agathe Rousseau. Find.

Agathe Rousseau is a very young woman and recently mother of little Jeanne. Being in charge of a gold trading and sales company does not seem to correspond to her young age. Let's not trust ourselves. Agathe is a terrible professional and the third generation of jewelers. On the one hand, she learned the gold trade very early, from her mother Françoise Garillon, her manager for thirty years, and on the other, she has a degree in gemology (the science of stones). So she knows what she's talking about. And she speaks about it with knowledge. When he made the decision to move his OCCMP business to a number, on the same sidewalk, on rue Georges-Lassalle, he knew that it would be at the cost of preparing and securing premises that would last several months because the new surface area is more than double than the one in the old store. But the events of her life made this job last almost two years and today she does not hesitate to say: “I am happy in these new places. “They see me better.” Places that she has adapted to meet public demand “with a first space for the repurchase of jewelry, we could compare it to an aquarium, and a second, more welcoming, for the exhibition and sale of collected pieces,” explains the professional. “A gold dealer is halfway between the antique dealer and the traditional jeweler, he didn't want people to lose their orientation.” Because her clients, some of them long-standing, had a specific relationship with her mother, which the young woman wanted to maintain. “I like that closeness, the people who come come from all social strata and they all tell me the reason for their sale. Sometimes it is pathetic to hear a mother say that she only has that to buy milk for the baby or for the old man who needs to pay for her land and her EDF bill.

And remember that a few years ago people exposed their difficulties less, “today they dare to justify themselves with the truth.” Sometimes old women get rid of rings that are too tight “because they have arthritis,” while others get rid of anything that reminds them of a “jealous, violent, less interesting” partner.

And then, there are those who like change and who renew their jewelry, like that, for no reason, just because they like to wear something pretty, something different, something precious.

Hurry because it's all there to see.

decoration board

Without offending her, we feel that behind this young woman there is the touch of Yves Rousseau, her father. He, in fact, wanted to give his personal touch to the decoration of the business by hanging some black and white paintings that evoke old French actors: Louis de Funès, Bourvil, Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura and a photo of the “Tontons flingueurs”. all lined up. To our surprise, the young woman admitted that this choice ended up arousing a good dose of curiosity on the part of clients.

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