Gold jewelry: home tests to check if they are authentic, so as not to scam you

Whether to treat yourself, to save money or to offer a special gift to your loved ones, gold jewelry is a very good option to offer and is always appreciated. Because in addition to having a beautiful and striking appearance, these can be a gift of high economic value that does not depreciate easily, since this precious metal is very well positioned in the global market.

When looking for beautiful gold jewelry, you may come across stores or people who want to sell you jewelry at a “good price” by showing that it is pure gold or certain carats. However, many sellers are only looking to scam people, selling fake jewelry or alloys of gold with other metals at a high price and keeping your money.

Today we will share with you a series of home tests which you can do at home to check if the gold jewelry is genuine, so take special care.

What are the home tests that can be done on gold jewelry to verify that it is authentic?
Here is the list of expert-recommended tests you should do on gold jewelry to check if it is gold:

magnetic test

This first essential test, since gold is a metal non-ferromagnetic, so you should not attract it with a magnet. If the jewelry is attracted to a magnet, it is likely an alloy of gold with another ferromagnetic metal, such as iron or nickel.

Test acidity

Gold is a noble metal that does not corrode with acids. If you put a few drops of nitric acid on the jewelry and it doesn't corrode, it's probably gold. However, this test can damage the jewelry, so it is recommended to use it only as a last option.

Jeweler inspecting jewelry, credit to Canva

weight test

Gold is a dense metal, so gold jewelry of a given size should weigh more than jewelry made from another metal of the same size. You can compare the weight of the jewelry with the weight of a trusted gold jewelry.

sound test

Gold produces a characteristic sound when struck. You can hit the jewelry with a hard object and listen to the sound it makes. If the sound is metallic and resonant, the jewelry is probably gold.

Color test

Pure gold is bright yellow. If the jewel It has a different color, it is probably an alloy of gold with another metal.

leak test

Last but not least, the hallmark test, many gold jewelry items carry a hallmark indicating the purity of the gold. The seal is usually located inside the jewelry. If the jewelry is hallmarked 18k gold or higher, it is probably gold.

We hope that these tests will be very useful to you, remember to keep in mind that these home tests are not 100% reliable. If you want to be sure that a piece of jewelry is gold, it is best to take it to a professional jeweler it's up to you to analyze it.

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