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The British Museum has just announced that it has suffered a “very unusual theft” from its collections.
Several pieces, sometimes from the 15th century, were stolen from the prestigious British museum.
One employee has been fired and several investigations are underway.

Mystery in the British Museum. The British museum announced this Wednesday, August 16, that it had suffered the theft of several pieces in recent months, which it is now actively searching for. “Trustees at the British Museum were extremely concerned to learn earlier this year that items had been stolen from the collection.“, declared the president of the place, George Osborne, in a press release. Among the missing objects: gold jewelry, semi-precious stones, glassware… All dated “from the 15th century BC to the 19th century AD“said the institution.

Most of the objects that “have disappeared, been stolen or damaged” are “small parts“Kept in reserves, which have not been exposed to the public recently. These are used”especially for research purposes“. An inventory of all missing or damaged pieces is being carried out, with the help of experts outside the museum. The priority, according to Hartwig Fischer, director of the British Museum, is to find all the missing pieces. The leader thus promises “make every effort“museum teams to achieve this goal.”

An employee involved and fired

However, the investigation itself into the origin of these thefts has already advanced. A museum employee, suspected of being related to this crime, was fired from his position. “We have used all disciplinary powers at our disposal with respect to the person we consider responsible.“George Osborne stressed. The London police also took over the matter to investigate on their part. Legal proceedings were initiated against the accused.

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On the other hand, the museum, which describes the incident as “very unusual“It claims to have taken new measures to reinforce the security of its collections, which amount to eight million pieces.”We have launched an independent investigation to find out what happened and learn from it.“, indicates the president of the gallery. The British Museum is particularly famous for housing the Rosetta stone, Egyptian mummies and certain marbles from the Greek Parthenon.

Théodore AZOUZE with AFP

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