Gimont. Another jewelry store attacked in the department

The increase in the price of gold continues to attract thieves who, for two years, have abandoned computers, HIFI systems and other mobile phones for jewelery that is sold at a good price on parallel markets. Ten days after the theft of the Couronne d'or of Auch, another jeweler in the Gers paid the price for this madness for all that glitters. This time, fortunately, no merchant was hit, since the thieves acted at night. At exactly 3:19, at Alix Rey's house, in Gimont. The jeweler, with 48 years of experience and already two robberies under her belt, was awakened by the gendarmerie brigade, alerted after the alarm was activated. “There were three or four thieves,” the merchant confesses after a brief night of sleep. They broke everything, the door, the gate, the windows. I have almost more material damage than damage to the merchandise. In my opinion they got pregnant, it is not possible. They only took gold-plated jewelry and a lot of steel: it's nice and cheap. But no gold. That said, they were not at risk. After my last robbery 27 years ago, the insurance reimbursed me for three cherries. So, since then, he had changed things. It's simple, not everything expensive is affordable. Or they tear down the house; It was a restrictive investment, but it was worth it. Fortunately, because stocks are our retirement savings.”

In Auch, in La Couronne d'or, the damage reached 150,000 euros. Nothing like it in Gimont. Which does not prevent the gendarmerie from starting their investigation last night. The first object he had in his possession was the hammer with which they broke the windows. The gendarmes also found the thieves' car… set on fire near the Larroque castle. No doubt they had left a second vehicle there. It is up to the criminal investigation technicians to now do their “expert” work to locate the suspects. But the mayor hopes they will be arrested quickly. “Well, we are in a territory that has not been too affected. But we are still in a place of passage, points out Pierre Duffau. That is why we must consolidate our gendarmerie services. On the other hand, I would like to raise the issue of sanctions. Not necessarily with more prison, except for serious crimes. I'm thinking about compensation in the form of work. Many people do nothing and look for easy money. This is a totally deplorable and morally unacceptable observation. “We need more rigorous justice.” But for this to apply to the thieves who robbed Alix Rey's jewelry store, they must first be found. To do this, the prosecutor's office contacted the departmental investigation brigade and the community of Gimont brigades.

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