Get your ears pierced safely at Histoire d'Or and find the most elegant jewelry of the season – Grazia

This summer, the stacking trend is what makes our jewelry shine. Your concept? Stack as many pieces as possible (necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings) for the most desired stacking effect. This is good news, the French jewelry brand golden story joins the trend with a very attractive jewelry offer: for any purchase at jewelry stores, the ear piercing is free.

Histoire d'Or: an advance in the rules of art

At Histoire d'Or, ear piercing is performed according to the rules of the art: in fact, hygiene is essential, as is experience. The piercing is performed only in the lobe, with a maximum of two holes, with healing monitoring.
A completely secure service applied by all stores golden storyalso open to children (with the possibility of piercing both ears simultaneously).

Histoire d'Or: ultra-elegant jewelry to wear once pierced

In addition to offering the latest technology in ear piercings, Histoire d'Or also offers a varied selection of 35 gold, steel and gold-plated prostheses. A real style panel to wait until your lobes are delivered: the moment when you can finally show off the model of your choice (i.e. after six weeks of healing).

Here againgolden story accompanies us with a selection of the most trendy earrings and piercings: hoops, studs, pendants, gold, silver, gold-plated… More than 3,000 models! Something to delight all ears and for all budgets. A must have to try the stacking trend without breaking the bank this summer!

From 07/13 to 08/31, Histoire d'Or offers* ear piercing for any jewelry purchase (*see jewelry status).

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