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Washing hygiene scholarship

The high hygiene standards of washing stations, gantries and lances protect the health of customers and staff. To ensure that this continues to be guaranteed, we are working on the ÖNORM B 5022 Edition: 2020-01-01 collaborated. Although it is not a law, it nevertheless ensures effective monitoring of legionella and has been in force since January 1, 2020. This is important for car wash operators: in case of suspicion of legionella , they are only released from liability if the system is verified every year. Such incidents are rare, but have happened before: around 2018, several car washes were officially closed after a suspected case of legionella. An annual inspection can prevent this and also frees the operator from accusations of negligence!

Purpose of financing

From July, the specialist group will make professional car wash checks carried out in 2023 and 2024 (invoicing date starting in July 2023) available to members of the specialist group in accordance with the specifications of the STANDARD B 5022 by external specialists against proof of invoice a subsidy of €100 per audited site in Upper Austria.

The financing budget of the specialized group the amounts €10,000. Funding will be provided until the funding budget is exhausted in the order in which the funding request is received by the Specialist Group. The funding request can only be submitted after verification.


Financing for invoices from 2023 must be requested no later than January 15, 2024. Financing for invoices from 2024 must be requested no later than January 15, 2025. We will inform you in the specialist group newsletter if the financing budget is about to be exhausted. There is no legal right to funding.

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Such checks are carried out, for example, by the following institutes:

TÜV Austria, Saubermacher, Kalb Analysik (Vbg.), Sewis, TÜV Süd (all of Austria), HYGIENICUM ® GmbH (Graz)

Funding for WIFI courses/first aid courses (educational funding)

Training but also constant improvement are essential to succeed in today's economic life. Whether it is specialist knowledge, industry-specific skills, numeracy, accounting, payroll, marketing or personality development. This of course also applies to our sector. The specialist group has therefore decided to grant special educational funding to its member companies for 2023 and 2024. Funding can be received both for the continuing education of the entrepreneur himself and for that of his employees.

Specifically, from July 2023 in the years 2023 and 2024 all WIFI courses with understandable and industry-related usage optionsas well as first aid training of 4, 8 or 16 hours based on courses developed by the Red Cross, supported by the specialized group.

THE Financing budget the specialized group is 10,000 € Financing level 50% of WIFI-course fees or 100% for first aid traininglimited to max. €350 per business location of the specialist group member in Upper Austria. Funding will be provided until the designated funding budget is exhausted, in the order in which the funding request is received by the Specialist Group.

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Promotion of legal advice for gas station companies

A change to the gas station contract is imminent. What do the new clauses mean specifically for my business? How can I secure my claim for compensation in the event of termination of the gas station contract? Two of the many cases in a gas station business in which thorough legal advice is particularly important.

In order to guarantee you the best advice, the specialist group covers, upon request, part of the legal consultancy costs of the filling station companies in Upper Austria in the context of the conduct of their business.

Concretely, the specialized group of garages, gas stations and service companies takes over on request. Legal advice fees of Upper Austrian filling station companies currently members in the course of business selected trusted lawyers the specialized group. However, no legal proceedings must be pending in this regard and no legal protection insurance must cover the costs incurred. Funding is on a total basis €15,000.00 In the years 2023 And 2024 (accounting date) limitwhereby, after presentation of the fee bill of the court-appointed lawyer 50% THE consultancy fees, maximum However €500.00 be taken back. Only one financing request can be made per year for a commercial location. For legal entities with several sites, financing is limited to a total of 3 financing files per year.

Take advantage of this offer!

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Profitability monitoring for gas station operators and service companies

Do you operate a service station (for at least 3 years) and would like to have your results analyzed by a professional? Are you considering taking over a new/additional station or are you considering changing locations? Your specialist group from Upper Austria will be happy to support you with sponsored advice.

for monitoring the profitability of service station operators

Profitability control for service companies

Are you a service entrepreneur (for at least 3 years) and would like your results to be analyzed professionally? Would you like to know what your minimum turnover should be or receive precise suggestions and advice for calculating your service? Your specialist group from Upper Austria will be happy to support you with sponsored advice.

for monitoring the profitability of service companies

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