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To make EdTech Freemaths the “hub of knowledge” thanks to the fundraising with the Houzé family, owners of Galeries Lafayette and largest shareholder of the Carrefour group: this is the goal of its founder Alain Piller, who returns to the many topics in this interview, resulting from his platform

How did the site project come about?

After graduating, I worked as an options trader in a stock brokerage firm and then in a large bank. At the same time, on weekends I gave private lessons in mathematics, statistics, probability, microeconomics and macroeconomics to students who wanted to get excellent grades quickly.

The desire to help others led me to resign despite an excellent salary. I founded a private university in Paris in the 16th arrondissement, where I alone practiced all the subjects that caused problems for students. It was a success and many sons of captains of industry and statesmen became my students.

Since I am from Marseille, I gave free lessons to the tenants of the Baumettes prison in Marseille during the summer holidays.

Starting in 2018, by founding Freemaths, I wanted to make my expertise available to all high school students whose families cannot afford private tuition. In France there is not only “NAP” (editor’s note: “Neuilly Auteuil Passy”).

Since its inception, the website has received more than 1.5 million unique visitors from Première and Terminale.

What specific methodology do you use to help students?

Above all, we must meet the expectations of the students: they want us to be clear and simple in the explanations and, above all, to know all the questions that we can ask them, with extremely detailed corrections for each question.

My motto : ” If you get good grades, of course you love the subject! »

Under these conditions, I do everything I can to start the positive cycle after the first good grades. Encouraged by good results in a subject, the student will increase his motivation for it and will therefore be much more encouraged to work on it and deepen it.

To do this I set up the following:

• Mini-courses that get straight to the point: exactly what you need to know to get the right grade,

• All cases of exercises that can fall into questions, both in general examinations and in the Abitur,

• Written with extremely detailed corrections that are precise (soothing), homogeneous (resolution algorithms) and pleasant to read (ventilations and colors).

These corrections affect today all exercises in the Première and Terminale programs (general and technical courses), all annals of the Baccalaureate and the Mathematical Olympiads, all subjects of the general competition as well as all annals of post-engineering schools -Bac.

Has nothing to do with quizzes, the solution generally offered on the Internet: For DST, general tests and Bac, we never ask for quizzes! This does nothing for the student. We need to invest in the editorial quality of the answers, which no longer exists on the Internet today.

To best support students, consider a solution based on artificial intelligence. Can you tell us more?

We are working on developing a solution based on artificial intelligence. AI is used to automatically correct exercise details and analyze student profiles to provide them with targeted exercises that allow them to progress at their own pace.

We are currently testing mathematical and econometric models in combination with visual text and image recognition, facial recognition and neural artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this deep learning, our ambitions are enormous as we want to be at the source of innovations that redefine the way future students learn and prepare.

Freemaths will also be two marketplaces, what exactly are they?

In fact, the platform is developing two “marketplaces”:

• One for post-bac schools looking to connect with Première and Terminale students. They may be advertisers on the website and automatically rent or purchase qualified data, e.g. B. “programmatic”,

• A “teacher/student” where the teacher sets their own hourly rate. The platform does not charge any commission. Only teachers pay a fee to place an ad and benefit from all the technology made available to them.

To continue the development of the platform, they have just completed fundraising. Can you tell us more?

In fact, we have just completed a round of financing with the Houzé family, owners of Galeries Lafayette and largest shareholder in the Carrefour group.

The Houzé family, aware of the issue of education for all, participated in a capital increase for a significant amount that they do not want to discuss.

She wants to do EdTech Freemaths.” the crossroads of knowledge », according to Christiane Houzé's formula.

We are planning a big fundraiser at the end of the year.

In general, what are the future challenges for your company?

To become something unicornbecause France needs this type of company.

According to one of my contacts, a former global CEO of Ernst & Young, this is a possible goal that we can achieve if we manage to be leaders in providing high-quality educational resources and practice corrections in all French-speaking countries and in all subjects.

All of this takes a lot of time, because to produce quality you have to work surgically, with the best teachers in each subject. Then, thanks to our advances in AI, we will be able to reproduce and distribute this quality at high speed and automatically.

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