Free lawyer services in four post offices Vaucluse – France Bleu

This is the first in France! Lawyers provide free monthly assistance at four locations in Vaucluse, in rural areas. From May 15, every second Wednesday of the following month, the lawyer will give advice to the residents of Coucuron, La Bastide-des-Jourdans, Maubec, Coustellet and Mérindol.

The post offices of these municipalities are a bit special Public service houses (six in total in Vaucluse) where the public can also access CAF services, taxes, Pôle Emploi, online registration applications and Carsat. This time, it is the partnership of the Avignon Bar Association, the Vaucluse Prefecture and La Poste that makes possible the launch of this new type of legal consultation.

“For some of the residents of La Bastide-des-Jourdans, justice is far away, and it is also expensive.” – Martin Arnia, first assistant

During these sessions that will be held To ensure privacy in a space isolated from the office In exchange, volunteer lawyers will give you advice. “We are not going to carry out any procedure. Christiane Imbert, president of the Avignon Bar Association, clarifies. Lawyers will be there to answer people's questions about inheritance, guardianship, etc., because we are in villages with an aging population who might not dare to drive to see a doctor in, say, Pertuis. Being in the village post office will bring these people to justice..

Yet, Residents of the area had to go to Pertuis About fifteen kilometers to enter a law office or legal access point. “And not all residents have the mobility to do that”Martin Arnaud, the first deputy mayor of the city, notes.

A six-month experiment

These legal offices in public service centers First, the test will be conducted for six months, before possibly continuing and extending to two other establishments of the same type in Vaucluse, Mormoison and Sablet. This resident of La Bastide-des-Jourdans has his doubts: he says he is not sure that this service “Be really helpful”.

“must work”, answers Martin Arnaud. He said it's up to elected officials to use word of mouth to promote the service “It will be important to get advice on the ground before starting certain procedures for the residents of the Bastide and the residents of the surrounding communities.” who will also be able to use this service.

Giovanni, another resident of La Bastide-des-Jourdans, was rightly convinced. He is ready to go to La Poste to consult a lawyer: “Here in the countryside it's very welcome, I'm sure everyone needs the advice of a lawyer at one time or another.”

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