Free lawyer consultations: the law is not limited

The law is not limited. On the contrary; Context can complicate situations. Hence Solidarity's proposal to Stephanie Ruckerbauer, attorney, in Beltz for limited, free phone consultations during this period.

What are your areas of expertise?

I work individually in Paris in general practice: business law, intellectual property, family law, etc. I also worked for a Franco-German firm and handled cases here at the Court of Lorient.

Why this sentence?

I was in Beltz; I left. Justice is deadlocked, except in criminal cases. But every day I receive a flood of information about new regulations, new measures, etc. I thought about those who have to manage their daily lives and who have to be informed. Situations can be complicated by context. We have to find solutions. However, law firms are closed. The National Bar Council held free consultations until April 6, which ended with great success. That's why I came up with this idea. The mayor of Beltz encouraged me.

How does this happen?

very easily. People call me, ask questions and I answer them. I do research when needed and call them to give an answer or my feelings. It's free, there's no catch!

In what areas, for example?

For business: implementation of state aid, organization of work and employees. For individuals: family matters, domestic violence, exercise of visitation and residence rights, inheritance law or all matters related to civil law.

practicalFree consultation by phone on Tuesday and Friday from 14:00 to 18:00. Such. 06 64 03 27 24.

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