Fashion (and statistics) have decided: silver jewelry will be more fashionable than gold this year – Grazia

It's a fashionable topic that has divided opinions for centuries: the color of jewelry. Gold, silver, bronze, rose gold, (not to mention the mixture of all these metals that may seem truly outrageous to some of us)… However, this season it seems that one nuance clearly stands out: themoney. In fact, according to statistics from numerous sector specialists, such as TagWalk and Lyst, silver would be 15% more popular than its great rival, gold, this year. A clear victory, which also demonstrates the extent to which clothing trends – and in this case, those of the 2000s – are reflected in the rest of our wardrobe.

Silver jewelry: why does the platinum trend continue to seduce fashion lovers?

More mineral, chic without being ostentatious, more flattering for light skin or perfectly in line with the return of the Y2K trend… There is no shortage of arguments to praise the qualities of silver jewelry. And although the “gold jewelry girls” do not give up, the metal with platinum reflections would undoubtedly be the most fashionable of the season. The proof ? It was on all the autumn-winter 2023 catwalks and invaded the looks of stylish girls for a beautiful and decidedly natural addition.

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Silver jewelry: these great alternatives to adopt the silver trend

If the most categorical and gold-loving fashionistas refuse to succumb tomoney (it is also a matter of taste and ending with your skin tone), those who hesitate to take the platinum step have several options: throw themselves into it with all their heart by daring to show off a pair of massive earrings like the famous Drop model from Bottega Veneta or even stacking necklaces, but also gently, starting first by mixing silver rings with our favorite gold rings.

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