Fake police steal 40,000 euros in jewelry and gold coins in Sceaux

He had probably been guarding a true family treasure all his life. Until his advanced age made him let his guard down. A 94-year-old retiree, deceived by three criminals, had the entire contents of his safe in his Sceaux apartment stolen on Thursday night. A chest containing gold coins, jewelry and cash. A loot estimated at more than 40,000 euros.

To commit this robbery, the three men devised a mischievous ploy before dividing up the roles. The first to show up at the retiree's house, shortly before 8 p.m., disguised himself as a water agent who had to urgently intervene to carry out work on the network. The great classic of fake quality theft.

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“It was then two fake police officers who knocked on the victim's door,” confesses a person close to the case. They told him that the water official was a criminal and had probably been robbed. »

A “pseudo-control round” to occupy the victim

Then, claiming that they wanted to make sure that nothing had been stolen, the two fake police officers, with professional cards supporting them, invited themselves to enter the apartment, where the retiree told them the location of the safe.

“Then, the two men accompanied their victim throughout the building to carry out a pseudo-control round,” continues the same source. That's when the fake water agent had to return to empty the trunk…”

The trap is classic. And every week, many older people fall victim, despite the authorities periodically reminding basic precautionary rules. On Monday, an 88-year-old woman had a gold necklace stolen from her home in Bagneux. The suspect? A fake public works official who had to take quick action.

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