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The Italian real estate world is preparing to celebrate excellence and innovation with the launch of Fiabci Italy Excellence Award 2024.

This prestigious award, organized by the International Federation of Real Estate Professionals (Fiabci), is a leading recognition in the international real estate sector, highlighting extraordinary projects that transform the urban landscape and improve quality of life.

THE Fiabci Italy Excellence Award 2024 proposes to identify and reward the most significant and striking achievements of the Italian real estate panorama.

Through categories such as sustainable development, innovation, restoration and real estate development, the award aims to highlight projects that go beyond the simple construction of buildings, but which contribute to the well-being of communities and positive environmental change.

The competition represents a unique opportunity for developers, architects, urban planners and all stakeholders involved in the real estate sector to present their most significant creations and share their visions for the future of Italian cities. Through competition, innovation, sustainability and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities are celebrated.

One of the most significant aspects of Fiabci Italy Excellence Award it is its impact on an international scale. Winners have the opportunity to be recognized globally by participating in the Fiabci Global Excellence Award where they are compared to the best real estate projects around the world.

During the last edition of FIABCI Global Excellence Awards Italian projects stood out with 3 gold awards for projects “The Medelan” by Dea Capital Real Estate Sgr and Ca' Tron H Campus by Finanziaria Internazionale Investment SGT.

THE Fiabci Italy Excellence Award 2024 is not only a celebration of past achievements, but also an opportunity to inspire and guide the future of the Italian real estate sector. Through the sharing of experiences, ideas and innovations, the award promotes collaboration and excellence in an ever-changing industry.

The invitation is addressed to all those who have contributed to transforming the Italian real estate landscape, whether commercial, residential, cultural or infrastructure projects.

Participation is open until June 30, 2024.

On this link the terms of participation:

THEFiabci Italy Excellence Award this is an opportunity not to be missed to celebrate innovation, ingenuity and commitment in the Italian real estate sector. It is a tribute to those who have stepped up to the forefront in shaping the future of our cities and communities. Prepare to be inspired, amazed and motivated by the extraordinary creativity and dedication of the participants in this prestigious award.

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