Express robbery at the Quillan jewelry store: more than 20,000 euros in damages

The thieves, visibly experienced, went after the gold.

In a few minutes the criminals left with several thousand euros in jewelry and gold. The Marco jewelry store, located at 7 Place Raoul-de-Volontat, in Quillan, was the victim of a robbery during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The damages, yet to be estimated, amount to “more than twenty thousand euros,” according to the owners.

Trained individuals

A group of individuals, visibly trained given the modus operandi and speed of the operation, entered the business by forcing the main door, around 2:30 a.m. In less than five minutes, the perpetrators of the robbery took the gold jewelry displayed in the window, as well as the contents of the safe of the company that manufactures jewelry, mainly gold.

The thieves had already left when one of the two clerks, who lives above the jewelry store, was alerted by the establishment's alarm system. The jewelry store, installed for several years on Avenue Sauzède, had changed locations less than six months ago. The security and video protection equipment had just been replaced.

The gendarmerie quickly arrived at the scene and proceeded with the usual procedures.

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