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Treasure chest of faith and art located in the rock of Monte Pellegrino, the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia dominates Palermo with its austere and evocative beauty.

Destination of pilgrimage and tourism 445 meters above sea levelthis sacred place represents a point of reference for the city, not only from a religious point of view, but also from a historical and cultural point of view.

A unique architecture at the service of faith

Built and completed in 1629, following the discovery of the relics of Santa Rosalia on July 15, 1624the sanctuary fits perfectly into the rock of the mountain.

There facade, Sicilian baroque style, presents a decorated portal and a statue of the Saint. The interior, with a single nave, houses precious works of art, including the bronze canopy overlooking the high altar and the silver statue of Santa Rosalia.

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The Saint’s Cave and the power of miraculous water

The heart of the sanctuary is the cave where Santa Rosalia lived as a hermit. A place of deep spirituality, where visitors can immerse themselves in an atmosphere of meditation and admire the statue of the Saint in mystical ecstasy.

A large open-air dome illuminates the cave, creating an evocative play of light and shadow.

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Legend and miracles: the plague and devotion to Santa Rosalia

There the history of the sanctuary is linked to the miraculous event which led to the end of the Palermo plague in 1624. According to legend, Santa Rosalia appeared to a woman in a dreamGirolama La Gattuta, Ishowing him the place where his relics were kept.

The bones of the Saint were carried in procession through the city and the plague subsided. Since then, Santa Rosalia has been revered as the patroness of Palermo.

Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia: curiosities

The Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia is a must-see place for those visiting Palermo. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the history, culture and spirituality of the city.

A place of peace and beauty, where nature and architecture blend harmoniously:

  • The climb to the sanctuary can be done on foot, via the long staircase of 150 steps, or by car or bus.
  • Inside the sanctuary there is a museum which houses votive offerings, vestments and sacred objects linked to the Saint.
  • The feast of Santa Rosalia is celebrated every year on July 15 with a procession that carries the statue of the Saint through the streets of the city.
  • The water that flows from the Saint’s cave is considered miraculous and is collected by devotees in vials.
  • Since 1946, the sanctuary has been maintained by the monks of the Don Orione Opera (Little Work of Divine Providence).

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