Engagement ring trends 2022: six engagement jewels that will succeed this year

If you're planning to get engaged next year, you're probably looking for a engagement jewelry that your partner can proudly display. That is why we have compiled the biggest trends in engagement rings in 2022, from the most classic and timeless models with diamonds to the most different proposals that are starting to stand out for their originality.

Geometric designs

One of the great novelties that 2022 brings us are rings that escape the usual classic silhouettes. Now personalized pieces play with geometric shapes, diameters that are not completely closed, curves and angles. A way to add a twist to the moment of commitment.

V-shaped diamond ring from Tiffany&Co, 2,700 euros.

Commitments in color

We see more and more originality in engagement rings, which are filled with much more relaxed and different colored stones. These options are also less expensive, as they replace the classic diamond with gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and even colored crystals.

Gold ring and colored stones from Tous, 275 euros.

Double rings

The trend of accumulating multiple rings on a single finger has become so popular that it has reached bridal fashion. Now jewelers are launching double band combined engagement designs. These can be separable and add the engagement jewelry and the wedding ring. But they can also be an option already closed with diamonds or stones set.

Double ring in pink gold and Pomellato diamonds, 2,800 euros.

Aesthetic designs ancient and inspired by iconic jewelry

Lovers of iconic jewelry will fall under the spell of the most premium wedding rings available. These are these Inspired by iconic celebrity engagement rings, celebrities either Royal family who marked history. The perfect example is this blue solitaire with diamonds and sapphire reminiscent of Lady Di and later inherited by Kate Middleton.

Solitaire in 18-carat white gold with blue sapphire and diamond border by Suárez, 3,325 euros.

The lonely

Couples who prefer a piece of jewelry that is timeless and always fashionable opt for simple and elegant models like solitaires. These are precious metal rings with a single jewel in the center. It can be an emerald, a ruby ​​or whatever they choose, although the most classic option is always diamond.

White gold and diamond ring from El Corte Inglés, 1,100 euros.

White gold and diamond ring

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

diamond rings

This is another of the classic and timeless options, although more ornate than solitaire. We are talking about precious metal rings with diamonds, defined throughout the designfor those who don't want to skimp on luxury, shine and sophistication.

Gold and diamond ring from El Corte Inglés, 1,660 euros.

Gold and diamond ring

*Some prices may have changed since the last review

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Pictures | El Corte Inglés, Pomellato, Tous, Suárez, Tiffany&Co.

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