Engagement pilot: The city and VHS offer educational leave to volunteers

The first block begins on September 26 and ends on September 28. The second block is planned for the period from November 14 to 16. The prerequisite for participation is voluntary work in Barsinghausen. The course is free and is intended not only for club members, but also for anyone interested in civic engagement. Of course, according to volunteer coordinator Anja Winter, a connection with facilities and institutions is advantageous.

The first part covers information about volunteering, the program itself, volunteer coordination as well as knowledge of communication models and legal issues. The second part concerns concept development, presentation technology and public relations. VHS Managing Director Kersten Prasuhn herself was a speaker for the engagement guide and confirms: “Everything you need to know” about volunteer work is taught in the course. This is why the Volunteer Academy funds this qualification program.

After the course, the pilots will be supported in network by the municipal administration. Together with the volunteer coordination, the group will encourage new volunteers to get involved in Barsinghausen and promote volunteer projects. Anyone wishing to participate can register directly on the VHS homepage or by calling 05105-521626. Alternatively, a registration link can be requested from the city volunteer coordination at anja.winter(at)stadt-barsinghausen.de.

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