Due to the teacher shortage, fewer summer courses are being taken

The teacher shortage has an impact on the remedial courses offered this summer for lower-performing students. At a school service center in Quebec, face-to-face summer courses were replaced by online courses at the end of secondary school, particularly due to the difficulty of recruiting teachers for the summer period.

The Capital School Service Center will no longer offer in-person classes for fourth and fifth secondary school students this year. Those who have failed a course are instead asked to enroll in online courses offered by the Succès Scolaire company.

The service center says it took this step to “offer students a more flexible formula in the summer,” but also because “recruiting teaching staff during the summer season is complex,” its spokeswoman Marie-Claude tells The Way.

“Teachers have completed their entire teaching year, they need rest in the summer,” she says.

The space for accommodating students in schools is also limited due to the large amount of work that takes place there in the summer, M adds.Me The way.

At the Découvreurs service center, also located in the Quebec region, summer courses for fourth and fifth secondary school students are also offered online and have been doing so for two years.

This decision was made taking into account various factors, including “the success rate of students in online courses” in recent years and the difficulties in “recruiting staff”, it said.

However, other school service centers in other parts of the province are offering in-person summer classes this summer. However, smaller organizations have been offering online courses for many years due to the small number of enrolled students, it is said.

Worried parents

In Quebec, parents are concerned about the impact of online courses on struggling students, precisely those who enroll in remedial courses.

Several studies have shown that online teaching has had negative effects during the pandemic, emphasizes one of them who contacted us The newspaper to this topic.

However, the formula has advantages for certain families, says the spokesman for the Capital School Service Center.

“We understand that some parents regret the lack of face-to-face instruction for their 4-year-old child.e and 5e “But many also value this formula because it offers flexibility for students who have personal limitations or cannot go to school in the summer,” says MMe The way.

“It is also important to emphasize that online teaching and the support structure for students have improved greatly since the pandemic,” she adds.

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