Discovery of a false scam linked to a real estate advertisement. A couple reported it, he is 29 and she is 37. The victim had paid 800 euros

In recent days, a woman residing in Sala Baganza turned to the local police after being the victim of an online scam, coming across a false real estate ad while looking for a house to rent. The woman had posted an ad on an internet platform looking for a house and was contacted by a so-called real estate agency, which offered her an apartment at a favorable price, also sending her photos, which later turned out to be fictitious , of the House. After a brief negotiation, conducted partly online, partly by telephone, the woman was convinced to pay a deposit of 800 euros to “block” the contract on the current account indicated by the other party, who informed her that she would be contacted. again after a few days, necessary for bureaucratic formalities, to conclude the contract and be able to enter the apartment. However, days passed, but the woman, having received no news, tried several times to contact the fake agency again, without obtaining a response. At that moment, she understands that she has been deceived and turns to the carabinieri.

The army carried out a careful investigation based on the account numbers and telephone numbers used in contact with the victim, thus making it possible to find two people, a man and a woman with criminal records, who were denounced for aggravated fraud in competition.

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