Court. Nancy: the educator melted the gold from the stolen jewelry

Nancy. It's called having a side job. Which brought him, as the interested party himself confessed during a wiretap, “between 500 and 600 euros a week on the black market.” With a light blue down jacket over his coat, Frédéric, a 35-year-old educator, appears free this Friday at the criminal court bar. He is being prosecuted for having melted for many months, and when he had just declared an activity of creating costume jewelry, rings and other necklaces were brought to him. He also, in the process, made other jewelry to order, in gold and/or with precious stones.

This matter would not break even three duck's legs if two of Frédéric's regular clients who, for this reason, are arrested, were not, according to the prosecution, “professional thieves.” Charley Rusé, 26 years old, well known by justice, and Christophe Gallaire, whose number of mentions in his history (26) is dangerously close, over the years, to his age (32). They are prosecuted for six robberies and one attempt, committed between January 29 and March 10, 2015 in Liverdun, Dommartemont, Vandoeuvre, Saint-Max, Ménil-la-Tour and Heillecourt. And not flights where you steal a big screen TV or a wallet. No, Micheline, 85, busy digging the garden of her house in Liverdun, was freed, for example, from two rings placed in the bathroom sink. The insurance reimbursed him €67,000…

Rusé and Gallaire flatly deny it. Before losing their arrest at the end of March and not arresting them until April 11, 2015, the gendarmerie monitored them for weeks, in particular by placing a beacon under their car. This geolocation, but also that of their phone, made it possible to determine that the two men were often near the scene of the robberies. “A coincidence,” one of them blurted out.

Frédéric claims to have never known that the jewels had been stolen. He had “doubts,” that's all. “And no jeweler in Nancy will ask where the products come from.”

Prosecutor Pierre Kahn demands 4 to 5 years against Rusé and Gallaire, 30 months, of which 12 against Frédéric, in whose hands the gold found a “criminal virginity.”

Advice from the two climbers, M.are Olivier Nunge and Guillaume Royer fight for each of the 5,000 odds in the file. Winner. They obtained acquittals for four of the six robberies and the attempt. His clients receive 3 years of continuous prison. Frédéric, for his parallel work, is sentenced to a 24-month suspension.

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