Confidentiality of Consultations with Corporate Lawyers: Vane's Lawyer vs. the Law

This is the proposed law that Vannes Bar lawyers do not want. This Tuesday, April 30, the National Assembly will discuss a law aimed at guaranteeing the confidentiality of legal advice given by in-house lawyers. The Senate has already passed it. But the Vannes Bar, like 163 other provincial bars, accepted the petition against him.

“Breach of equality between litigants”

“Such a law seriously and dangerously undermines the essential principles of not only the legal profession, but also the equality of all before the law,” he believes. Delphine Dejoy-Roussel, President of the Vannes Bar. Lawyers fear the consolidation of business secrets and believe that this text “will create a violation of equality between litigants depending on whether they are in a company with a lawyer.”

Lawyers are particularly concerned that it will be difficult for employees to produce internal documents, face industrial tribunals, be under cover of secrecy and the possibility of “indicting whistleblowers who undermine this new internal secrecy”. They still see “unfair competition against business lawyers” and an open door to “corporate lawyer” status, which the profession opposes.

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