Certain renovation and modernization measures influence the sale value of a property

Ms Frankfurth, how has the real estate market evolved in recent years and what trends are emerging for the years to come?

Ilona Frankfurt: In recent years, the real estate market has grown significantly in many regions. There has been an increasing demand for housing, which has led to an increase in property prices. This can be attributed to various factors such as population growth, low interest rates and a strong economy.

The trend over the next few years suggests that the real estate market will remain robust. Housing demand is expected to remain high, particularly in metropolitan areas and attractive residential areas.

It is important to note that the real estate market is influenced by various factors, including economic and political developments. It is therefore difficult to make a precise forecast for the years to come. It is advisable to regularly inform yourself about current developments in the real estate market and to seek advice from a professional in order to make informed decisions.

What factors should homeowners consider when pricing their house or apartment in order to make a successful sale?

Ilona Frankfurt: The location of the property is a determining factor for the sale price. Good access to public transportation, shopping and schools can increase property value. In addition, the condition of the property, particularly the needs for renovations and modernizations, has a significant influence on the sale price.

The size and amenities of the property also play an important role in determining the price. A large garden, a modern kitchen, an extra room or age-appropriate furniture can increase the value.

The current market situation and real estate demand in the region must also be taken into account. It is therefore advisable to find out about comparable properties in the region.

An experienced real estate agent can help you determine the price and effectively structure and support the sales process. It will also take into account tax aspects and fees to avoid unexpected costs.

By carefully considering these factors, homeowners can successfully sell their property.

Are there certain renovation or modernization measures that can significantly increase the sale value of a property?

Ilona Frankfurt: Yes, certain renovation and modernization measures influence the sale value of a property. These include, for example, the installation of energy-saving appliances and systems, improvement of insulation and the condition of the roof, which improve the energy status of the house. A modern kitchen and attractive bathrooms as well as a well-kept outdoor space also influence the achievable purchase price. However, it is important to note that the impact of these measures may vary depending on location, property type and current market trends.

What role does the presentation of a property play in the digital world and how can sellers present their property optimally?

Ilona Frankfurt: Presenting real estate in the digital world plays a crucial role as more and more potential buyers search for real estate online. An optimal presentation can speed up the sales process and increase sales value. Here are some tips so that sellers can best present their property:

  1. High quality photos: Ensure high resolution photos are taken of every room and key features of the property. Good lighting and a clean, tidy condition are important.
  2. Virtual tours: Consider creating a virtual tour that allows potential buyers to explore the property interactively. This can help them get a better feel for the property without having to physically be there.
  3. Detailed descriptions: Write a detailed description of the property that includes all important information such as size, number of rooms, amenities and special highlights. The more information potential buyers have, the better they can evaluate the property.
  4. Online presence: Use various online platforms and real estate portals to advertise the property. Make sure the information is accurate, up to date and that potential buyers can easily contact you.
  5. Professional support: It is a good idea to hire a professional photographer or real estate agent to ensure that the presentation of the property is professional and attractive.

What advice can you give to owners to convince potential buyers of their property?

Ilona Frankfurt:

  1. The first impression is crucial: Present your property in the best light: make sure your property is clean, tidy and well-maintained. Potential buyers want to feel comfortable in their future home.
  2. Emphasize unique features: Identify the particularities of your property and highlight them. Whether it's a modern kitchen, a beautiful garden or a great location, make potential buyers aware of it.
  3. Offer complete information: Be sure to provide all relevant information about your property, such as floor plans, renovations/renovations, energy efficiency and possible uses. The more information potential buyers have, the more they are able to make an informed decision.
  4. Present your property online: Use online platforms and social media to make your property accessible to a wide audience. High-quality photos and detailed descriptions can help capture the interest of potential buyers.
  5. Be flexible during your visit: Offer potential buyers flexible viewing times to give them the opportunity to explore the property at their leisure and ask questions.
  6. Work with a professional, local agent: An experienced agent can help you attract potential buyers, present your property in the best possible way and achieve a good selling price.

Ms. Frankfurth, thank you very much for your time and your ideas.

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