Kim Kardashian affair: how is precious jewelry secured?

Kim Kardashian affair: how is precious jewelry secured?

During the night from Sunday to Monday, the American star kim kardashian suffered a robbery in a Parisian palace that, according to a judicial source, amounted to 9 million euros, that is, 4 million euros for a ring and 5 million euros for a jeweler. Two mobile phones were also stolen. If the incident is confirmed, it would be the largest jewelry theft committed against an individual in more than 20 years. And if the loss were assured, it would also be a record for the market. For example, the largest loss compensated by Hiscox in Europe amounts to just over €2 million. It was not a case of robbery but of accidental breakage of a ruby ​​cracked during a fall: the amount compensated included the repair and depreciation of the precious stone.

How are celebrities’ jewelry insured?

HE Human resources management contracts Designated risk does not automatically cover jewelry (must be specified) and coverage is limited. “ For example, if the insurer covers the home for €100,000, it will reserve between €40 and €50,000 for valuables (rugs, beautiful furniture, collectibles, etc.), of which €25,000 for jewelry. “, noted Jean-Christophe Perrindirector of private clients for Aon Risk Solutions. And the insurance only works at home. However, several insurers offer comprehensive plans that offer better coverage. The weight of jewelry insurance can then be divided into three segments: safe in the bank, safe at home and worn. We will then talk about guarantee in all places or throughout the world. There are guarantees for theft but also for unexplained loss or accidental breakage.

What is the market appetite?

Jewelry insurance remains a niche market. The main players in the market are Albingia, Amlin, Axa, Chubb, Generali, Hiscox, Lloyd’s and XL Catlin. “ Insurers have never had much appetite for jewelry because they are assets that have a high accident rate.notice Jean-Christophe Perrin. It is less complicated to rob a private individual than a jewelry store, and also less complicated to steal jewelry than a Norman wardrobe during a home invasion.. » This loss experience can be explained, first of all, by the specific clientele of these insurance products. The loss rate for individuals, estimated at 11 per 1,000 by the FFA, increases to 29 per 1,000 among high-end clients, according to observations by the insurer Hiscox. “ Violent robberies increase “, accurate Nicolas Kaddechehead of art and private clients at Hiscox Insurance, indicating that it periodically compensates losses of between 400 and 500,000 euros in France. Under these conditions, insurers remain very cautious. “ It is difficult to find adequate guarantees for policyholders who have a high proportion of jewelery among all their valuables.noted Jean-Christophe Perrin. We can consider that it is very difficult to locate the risk when we estimate that the proportion exceeds 30 to 40%.»

Can changes in policyholder practices contribute to insurer reluctance?

The American star kim kardashian She regularly posts photographs of her jewelry on the Internet. Last weekend, she even posted a photo on Instagram of the ring that was allegedly stolen. “ We are getting closer to a permanent exhibition », indicates a broker specializing in high-level clients with a smile. “ This could invalidate a contract by considering that the insured caused the risk.says Nicolas Kaddeche at Hiscox. However, we do not position ourselves this way because we favor a long-term relationship of trust with our policyholders.»

What are the obstacles to insurance on a personal level?

The French market estimates that 15% of high-level clients, around 200,000 people, have taken out specific insurance. “ We have identified a series of obstacles to insurance, the first being the memory of the period from 1981 to 2004, when insurers had the obligation to declare to the State insurance contracts exceeding 15,000 euros. This provision has already passed but has remained in the collective unconscious, developed Jean-Christophe Perrin in Aon. We can also mention the distrust of customers regarding reimbursement levels, the undervaluation of goods or simply the feeling of already being well insured by their human resources management.. » Jewelry insurance therefore remains a delicate exercise.

Obsolescence coefficient: principle and assessment.

Obsolescence coefficient: principle and assessment.

When resolving a claim, the expert commissioned by the insurer usually indicates an obsolescence coefficient. Meaning, justification and calculation method of this important element of your compensation.

Capital video: What is a deterioration coefficient?

© Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images

Definition of obsolescence

We classify as “obsolete” something that has aged, something that wears out due to repeated use or poor maintenance, or even obsolete based on its age and the surpassing of its technical criteria, and that therefore suffers depreciation. Therefore, we can define obsolescence as the loss of value of a property as a result of its aging and wear. It intervenes in determining the value of the insurance when resolving an incident.

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Why apply a deterioration coefficient?

Based on the principle of compensation according to which insurance cannot be a source of enrichment for the insured, the compensation paid by the insurer cannot exceed the value of the insured property at the time of the incident (article L121-1 of the Insurance Code) . To respect this principle, it was decided that an amount corresponding to the obsolescence of the insured property would be systematically deducted from the compensation paid.

Obsolescence assessment

Your evaluation results from experience. The expert estimates obsolescence and expresses it through a rate (or coefficient) that varies according to the nature of the property and its age. Experts base their estimates on tables that indicate the obsolescence rate and the applicable maximum limit, which can vary depending on the insurer. Thus, movable property will generally be subject to obsolescence of around 10% per year with a maximum of 80%. Computer equipment will be subject to obsolescence of approximately 20/25% annually, with a cap of 80%.

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

Compensation, which is generally based on use value, will be calculated by deducting from the new replacement value a reduction corresponding to obsolescence. The method of calculating obsolescence is explained in general terms based on the nature of the goods and the guarantee formulas signed in the general conditions of the contract.

Good to know : Very old and degraded properties have the obsolescence applied to them limited (often to 80%). The insured is then compensated by paying what experts sometimes call “residual value,” a concept derived from the book value of a company’s assets after their depreciation is complete.

Regarding individuals, we can distinguish 3 types of properties for which the estimation of the obsolescence coefficient differs.

Movable property

Everything that constitutes “furniture”, represented by the total capital insured on the contents of the home, is made up of elements that do not have the same useful life;

The rest under this announcement.

  • “Furniture” furniture (beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, tables, chairs, sofas and armchairs, etc.) have a longer lifespan than household appliances (5 to 8 years maximum).
  • Clothing and bedding also have rapidly decreasing value due to wear and tear as clothing goes out of style.
  • Electrical and electronic devices also have a limited useful life (planned obsolescence) and quickly become technically obsolete due to the constant advancement of new equipment (as proof, remember that for tax purposes the administration allows the depreciation of a computer over 3 years ).

The expert evaluates the deterioration little by little according to the nature of the object, its age and its state of maintenance (hence the interest in being in possession of the purchase invoice and maintenance/repair invoices)

Real estate

Regarding buildings and constructions, in multi-risk housing contracts they are subject to a guarantee in “reconstruction value as new”. However, in this case, the expert determines two values:

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

  • The market or use value, or deduced deteriorated reconstruction value: is the price that could have been obtained from the sale of the property in the local real estate market before the disaster (estimation made by a notary or a professional based on the price half of m²). From the market). In fact, initially, and until the insured has provided proof of the reconstruction/repair (presenting the paid repair invoice), compensation is based on the cost of the reconstruction on the day of the accident, less the deterioration preserved by the expert. and within the time limit of the market value (if this is lower).
  • The replacement value: secondly, if this amount is insufficient to carry out the work, and provided that the reconstruction is completed within a maximum period of two years from the incident occurring, the insurer will pay an additional compensation called “new value”. and Limited to 25% of the initial market value, deducting obsolescence.

The rest under this announcement.

Example : Take the case of a villa destroyed by a fire and the value of rebuilding it in an identical way is estimated at 200,000 euros. The expert estimated the deterioration at 25%. Its deduced dilapidated reconstruction value is therefore: 200,000 x 75% = 150,000 euros. Since the contract includes the “replacement value” guarantee, the owner will initially receive compensation of 150,000 euros, then, if the reconstruction is completed within 2 years, 25% corresponding to the replacement value will be paid. the presentation. of reconstruction bills paid. On the contrary, if the deterioration is estimated at 30%, that is, 60,000 euros, with a compensation limit of the “replacement value” of 25%, you will only receive 50,000 euros for this concept.

Good to know : Generally, the replacement value of buildings is provided for in the contract in the basic guarantees. But when it comes to furniture, it is usually offered as an option.

precious objects

Jewelry, precious stones, fine pearls, art objects (statues, valuable paintings, sculptures, bronzes, etc.), collections, antiques, etc. All these goods are not, by their very nature, subject to obsolescence, and if they are in good condition, their value cannot bear a reduction.

The rest under this announcement.

The rest under this announcement.

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In Argentina in recession, the sacrifice of family jewels: News – Orange

In Argentina in recession, the sacrifice of family jewels: News - Orange

In an Argentina in recession, with anemic activity, a business flourishes: the sale of the grandfather's watch or the great-grandmother's wedding ring. A liquidation of family jewels that is increasingly necessary to make ends meet.

“When debts suffocate you, affection is put aside,” says Mariana, in a pawn shop in the Once commercial district, who does not want to mention the amount received in exchange for her watch, a gift from her grandfather-father. her father for her graduation.

Mariana, who does not want to give her name, confesses to AFP that, at 63 years old, her retirement as an employee of the judicial administration is no longer enough to cover her expenses, in a context of inflation of 72% since the beginning of the year and 276% in twelve months.

The money from the watch, he explains, will be used to pay “current expenses and various arrears of the mutual health insurance company.”

At noon, at an intersection on Once, the contrast is striking: a shoe store is empty, while the waiting rooms of the jewelry stores are full. “We buy gold,” their signs say, in big gold letters.

– Three times more transactions –

In “El Tasador”, one of the best known, a dozen clients wait in a vaguely Art Deco room.

If the evaluation is conclusive, they will leave “on the spot” (immediately), with the value of their jewelry in cash, promises the store, which in 50 years of business prides itself on guaranteeing “privacy and security” to its customers. -Increasing number of clients.

Currently, El Tasador carries out around 300 transactions daily, three times more than last year.

“Recently there have been a lot of people, I think because of what the country is going through. People who had pieces that perhaps they had not planned to sell, but decided to do so, because they could no longer make ends meet,” Natalia, one of the four experts at the store, who does not give her name, told AFP. “for security reasons”.

“We increased capacity and hours, because people were crowding and we couldn't keep up,” he adds.

This trend is driven by television programs or videos on YouTube, with evocative names – “The value of your dreams” – halfway between reality shows and promotional clips.

But, above all, it is the melting of purchasing power, strangled by chronic inflation and a brutal devaluation of the peso in December, which has pushed some Argentines in recent months to empty their savings hidden “under the mattress,” according to one popular expression. . And now, to liquidate your jewelry.

– A bitter “golden age” –

“The situation is complicated, life in Argentina is very expensive,” complains Daniel, a 56-year-old unemployed accountant, who visits the most modest stores to sell a small silver keychain. He is horrified that they offer him barely more than a metro ticket (60 euro cents).

The peak of resales, “is the end of the month, the time of billing,” says Carlos, manager of a jewelry store, also on condition of anonymity.

“The classic is the wedding ring, but they also bring Victorian jewelry, from the Belle Époque, from grandparents or great-great-grandparents, unique pieces,” says Natalia.

Despite poverty that officially affects 42% of the population, it is not uncommon in Argentina for modest households to own gold jewelry.

“In the 70s, more and more people had access to gold, anyone could wear a ring, men could wear gold cufflinks or tie pins, girls received a gold watch at the age of 15,” recalls the evaluator.

For a long time now we no longer wear this jewelry on the street, for safety reasons. On the other hand, they sell.

“Gold has always been sold, reflects Natalia. What has changed is the 'why'. Before it was to finance a project, a renovation, a car, a party… Today “it's because I can't.” over the months+, +bills have increased+ or +I find myself out of work+”.

Record gold prices boost jewelry recycling

Record gold prices boost jewelry recycling

Record high gold prices are weighing on overall demand but driving recycling of the precious metal, with people ditching their jewelry to take advantage of the high prices.

“Historically, there is a close relationship between the price of gold and recycling, because when prices rise, people tend to sell their products to take advantage of the high price levels,” Krish Gopaul, an analyst at the World Gold Council, told AFP. Gold.

According to the World Gold Council (WGC), mining production typically accounts for around 75% of the world's supply of the yellow metal each year. The rest of the supply is secured through recycling.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of the precious metal has risen more than 13% to reach the all-time high of $2,431.52 on April 12, driven by expectations of a drop in American interest rates that makes the dollar less attractive. .

The growing geopolitical tensions with the war in Ukraine and that between Israel and Hamas also contribute to the appetite for gold as a traded asset, due to its traditional safe haven nature.

These high prices, on the other hand, hampered global demand for gold in the first quarter (-5% year-on-year), but are driving recycling.

“Recycling is the source of gold supply that responds most immediately to economic and price shocks,” says the World Gold Council, while, in contrast, mining production fluctuates more slowly due to “long delays between the exploration and discovery of new deposits and the entry into production of a mine.

The OCM thus found a 12% increase in recycling in the first quarter year-on-year, a maximum since the end of 2020, according to a quarterly report.

“Unlike many other metals, gold is, in a sense, infinitely recyclable,” without losing its properties, notes Krish Gopaul.

Almost all recycled gold comes from jewelry, and the rest belongs to the technological sector, where gold is used for its many virtues: robustness, excellent conductivity but also for the fact that it does not oxidize or corrode.

Lack of alternatives

Gopaul notes, however, that some gold owners are holding on to their assets in the face of macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties, counting on potentially even greater long-term gains or wanting to hold an asset at a value that will hold up even in periods of turbulence. .

This is, for example, the case of Turkey, a country plagued by hyperinflation and which has experienced an impressive depreciation of its currency.

In these markets “there is also a lack of valid alternatives to gold” that offer the same performance in times of crisis.

“When times are tough, gold is an asset that many people want to hold onto,” explains Krish Gopaul.

“This is one of the reasons we think the amount of gold people are willing to resell is still lower than in the past during price spikes,” he continues.

Unlike the demand for jewelry, which was affected by the high price of gold, purchases by central banks continued, totaling 289.7 tons during the first three months of the year, and monetary institutions also favored the yellow metal for its virtues of protection against inflation and geopolitical risk.

If prices remain high in 2024, “recycling should continue, as in the first quarter, in response to the rapid increase in prices,” the Council notes in its quarterly report.

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Carlton robbery: unsellable jewels as is

Carlton robbery: unsellable jewels as is

INTERVIEW – This weekend in Cannes, jewels worth one hundred and three million euros were stolen. How to evaluate the value of jewelry? How can criminals resell them without being detected? An update with Marc Boutémy, expert in gemstones and antique jewelry.

Le How are the prices of stolen jewelry evaluated?

Marc Boutémy : If it is antique jewelry, its replacement value is taken into account. For new jewelry, this is the reuse value. For gold jewelry, for example, weight serves as a standard. But what determines the price of a jewel is also the signature of the jeweler who created it. In the case of Sunday's flight, the brand (Leviev, ND) is very young and little known. I don't think the jewelry appears as a signature. Cartier, on the other hand, is a magical name. The quality of the metals and stones, the design, the style and the international reputation mark the value. Prices for signed and numbered jewelry are skyrocketing. A piece made entirely of gold can sell for between 800 and 1,000 euros per gram at Cartier, when on the market a gram of gold is only worth 20 euros.

Does jewelry lose a lot of value on resale?

Clear. To sell the jewelry, criminals will have to completely dismantle it. In fact, the jewels cannot be sold either on the official market or at auction, which considerably reduces the value of the loot. Although precious metals and stones are still expensive, they are no longer worth the price of the creation as a whole. This is how masterpieces disappear.

Is it possible, however, to identify the stones once they have been opened?

If they are small, the stones are usually resold in bags, they are sold by hand and it will be impossible to establish the link with the stolen jewelry. If, on the other hand, they are certified stones, there is a trace of their existence in a gemology laboratory. The certificate specifies the weight, size and position of the inclusions (deformations, editor's note). This usually allows you to identify it. Unfortunately, thieves usually trim the stones. A 3.29 carat diamond will go on sale again after a small cut that will have reduced its weight to 3.27 carats. Therefore, it will be very difficult to establish the connection.

There are several certification laboratories around the world. Are they working together to find the stolen stones?

In addition to the French Gemological Laboratory in France, there is also the HRD in Antwerp and the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in New York. All of these laboratories are authorized to certify stones. In principle, the same stone must obtain the same certificate in all laboratories. In general, the data on size and weight are at least the same, although the purity rating may differ slightly. Therefore, the request for certification of a stone that already has a certificate should, in theory, alert the laboratory. Unfortunately, the files of the different laboratories do not automatically overlap and, if no request is made in this regard, investigations will not begin. The most surprising thing is that sometimes a stone certified by a laboratory can go unnoticed. This is what happened a few years ago when I requested certification of a diamond brought by a client, which I thought was extraordinary. The laboratory issued a certificate without knowing that one already existed in its files. While the lab should have raised the alarm, it was the ring's former owner who finally recognized the diamond as she flipped through the pages of The Drouot Gazette!

Jewelry and gold trafficking, a family affair

Jewelry and gold trafficking, a family affair

The jewel traveled in a pair of gray socks. Four and a half kilos of pure gold rings, bracelets and earrings housed in a hiding place under the back seat – also gray – of a sedan heading to Belgium. A usual burden for the car's occupants: thirty round trips in ten months were recorded by the investigators until June 21, when they set out to stop the convoy just before the border, at the Thun-l' tollbooth. Bishop (North). Total damages are estimated at almost 4 million euros.

A curious network, at first glance, that connects discreet pavilions in the large Parisian suburbs with the back rooms of unscrupulous Belgian jewelers. However, this modus operandi It is repeated throughout the recent investigations carried out by specialized gendarmes. This affair, which is reminiscent of another very similar one carried out a few weeks before, reveals the methods of these new gold seekers.

The investigation that led to the prized sock lasted ten months. Enough to uncover a concealment network based in Seine-Saint-Denis. During surveillance, the house of a family of Serbian origin appears to be a real SME that collects stolen jewelry and the starting point of their convoys. A profitable business: during the searches investigators discovered 48,000 euros in cash, a Porsche Panamera and numerous luxury leather items.

“These are family clans that are very closed in on themselves, indicates Patrick Pégeot, commander of the Paris investigation section, in charge of the investigation. They deal solely in stolen goods and are resold in Belgium and the Netherlands. More than ten teams of thieves, very mobile throughout France, came to resell gold and jewelry. »

Elaborate whitening regimens

For many, these are “theft by deception”, often committed to the detriment of older people. According to this technique, a first person passes by disguised, for example, as a fake plumber, before another accomplice arrives at the house, disguised as a police officer, to take an inventory of the first's alleged thefts and recover the valuable jewels himself.

Marc de Tarlé, commander of the Central Office to Combat Itinerant Crime (OCLDI), points out that ” the groups (of receivers) They are increasingly better structured, operate in an increasingly sophisticated manner and generate considerable sums of money. The clans now have experience in counter-surveillance techniques, both in their means of communication and in the use of “caches”, even opening vehicles. “These techniques are reminiscent of those used in drug trafficking.”.

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Ronan Manly reflects on “The power of gold in times of crisis” in several countries – Oroinformacion

Ronan Manly reflects on “The power of gold in times of crisis” in several countries - Oroinformacion

While physical gold is a well-known safe haven that investors turn to during times of market turbulence to protect their wealth, gold is also the most important asset to own and hold during times of crisis and d 'emergency. These crisis situations can range from episodes of collapse of fiat currencies to times when gold allows safe crossing of international borders, and even to times when only gold can bail out and save a nation in its entirety. together. Sometimes gold even ensures a person's survival and can literally mean the difference between life and death.

History is full of examples where gold is the final asset in times of crisis and despair, as the precious metals market analyst tells us. Ronan manly In an article recently published in BullionStar Due to its great interest, we are now publishing the first part of this detailed article.

“Time and time again, gold comes to the rescue and offers its holders options and freedoms, options and freedoms that are not available to those without them.

In this article we will see some examples of gold in crisis, which, although different from their times and places, contain common elements, and which illustrate why gold is the only monetary asset universally reliable and recognized in times of crisis , why gold is the only asset with universal liquidity and purchasing power in times of emergency, and in short, this is why physical gold is the only asset that can truly provide economic freedom when trust in everything else fails.

Gold, a safe passage for Vietnamese refugees

After the Vietnam War, the fall of Saigon and the reunification of Vietnam in 1976, the southern part of Vietnam experienced a massive population exodus, caused by a crippled economy, government discrimination and forced departures. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Vietnamese fled to other parts of Asia by land and sea, an exodus that peaked in 1978-1979.

Refugees fleeing by sea sometimes did so aboard large ships organized by human traffickers and often with the support of the Vietnamese communist government. An escape route on these ships was only provided to those who could pay these officials and the smugglers demanded it. The price of safe passage? Between 10 and 12 taels of 24-carat gold for an adult and half for a child (1 tael = 1.2 troy ounces).

This payment in gold often took the form of traditional Kim Thah gold bars, two large thin bars and one small bar wrapped in rice paper, weighing a total of 1 tael. Although these bars were popular in Vietnam, they were also recognized and accepted throughout Southeast Asia as portable wealth, much like monetary liquidity for the region.

Although some Vietnamese Chinese and Vietnamese stored their wealth in the form of these slab-shaped ingots, many did not, so a gold banking system emerged in Saigon in the 1970s, allowing to those who were fleeing the crisis to transform their goods into gold. Those who did not have tael gold bars paid their passage in gold ornaments and jewelry.

Refugees also brought with them emergency money in the form of gold bars, as well as jewelry, such as small gold rings and gold wedding rings, all of which could be sold in an emergency . For example, after a giant refugee ship, the “Skayluck”, arrived in Hong Kong in 1979, Vietnamese gold bars began to appear in the Hong Kong gold market.

The refugees from Vietnam who took great risks sailing into the unknown toward a better life were only able to do so because they had physical gold to buy safe passage, and because gold is a universal currency that can be sold almost anywhere to help finance a new life abroad. .

South Korea, mobilization of gold to pay the external debt

When the Asian financial crisis spread to South Korea in late 1997 and torpedoed the country's financial markets, it triggered a currency and banking crisis that decimated the Korean won and brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy. Rapidly burning through its foreign exchange reserves and facing international lenders, the government turned to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in December 1997 with a multibillion-dollar bailout to bail out the country's growing foreign debt. At the time of the IMF's largest financial bailout, the bailout was a major blow to the Korean nation, both economically and psychologically.

Embarrassed and unsure how a star tiger Asian economy could implode so quickly, the South Korean nation did something quite extraordinary and spontaneous by collectively confronting adversity by mobilizing a patriotic gold-raising campaign to help to repay South Korea's foreign debts.

Initiated by Korean broadcast networks and major banks, and coordinated by industrial conglomerates such as Hyundai, Daewoo and Samsung, the “love the nation” and “pay off the national debt” campaign saw Korean citizens sell their gold, but at prices much lower than prices. market value. The collected gold was melted into bars and sold on the international gold market.

With gold widely held by Korean households in many shapes and forms, long queues formed outside banks and Samsung, Daewoo and Hyundai collection points as Koreans rushed to sell everything, from investment gold coins and bars, to gold rings and bracelets, to gold medals. with gold trinkets. All this to repair their “broken economy”. Items sold even included gold jewelry for brides, gold doljanchi given to babies on their first birthday, gold keyrings for retirees and gold watches, as well as solid gold buttons that found on traditional Korean clothing.

And ordinary citizens aren't the only ones who took part in the campaign. Celebrities and politicians have led by example. Korean baseball star Lee Chong-bum brought 31 ounces of gold to his home bank in the form of trophies and gold medals. Then-President-elect Kim Daejung walked into a Seoul bank to donate a miniature golden turtle and four golden keys for good luck. (Cover photo).

In four months, from January to April 1998, the gold collection campaign collected 227 tonnes of gold worth $2.13 billion, including 165 tonnes in the first month of January alone. The collection involved 3.5 million households, representing 23% of the country's 15 million households and 10% of the gold held in South Korea at the time, and the gold collection campaign “contributed to restore the nation's credibility abroad, thereby enabling South Korea to fully repay the IMF-guaranteed debt in August 2001, three years ahead of schedule.

Tomorrow Friday, OI will publish the second part of this great article on “The power of gold in times of crisis”.

Courbet insures its clients against the theft of engagement rings.

Courbet insures its clients against the theft of engagement rings.

The jewelry store is innovating and implementing new insurance through blockchain technology.

An additional service

If there is a jewel that no one wants stolen, it is a ring that seals love. In partnership with GoodsID and its partner Wakam, Courbet now offers theft insurance to owners of an engagement ring from the house. Valid for a period of two years, this is directly included in the digital certificate of authenticity and secured by blockchain.

This new service “considerably simplifies reporting the theft to the insurer and at the same time speeds up the compensation procedure,” says Courbet. In the event of serious theft, the owner of the ring makes his declaration digitally through his blockchain certificate: the insurance company is alerted directly and validates the declaration, without subscription or expert opinion. The jewel will then be replaced by the same model, accompanied by a new digital certificate.


With its ecological concept based on creations based on laboratory diamonds and recycled gold, Courbet has tended, since its inception, to “put technological innovation at the service of its clients,” as Manuel Mallén, president and co-founder of the brand, recalls. Recently, the young house also launched into cryptocurrency payments thanks to a partnership with Lunu.

Watches, jewelry… The best gift ideas for a magical Christmas with Histoire d'Or

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A Christmas essential, jewelry is a preferred gift for adults and children. For the end-of-year holidays, Histoire d'Or has redesigned its online store to help you quickly find ideas for surprises to offer your loved ones. Until December 31, you will also benefit from multiple advantages by placing your orders on the website of the famous jewelry brand. Fast delivery, easy payment, Click&Collect, extended returns… Histoire d'Or has it all planned to allow you to spend a magical Christmas with complete peace of mind. Discover a box each day in the online Advent calendar and expect to win numerous gifts, including a diamond necklace valued at 479 euros.

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Jewelry gifts are a guaranteed success

Jewelry gifts are a guaranteed success

Jewelry gifts are a guaranteed success

Jewelry stores in the Caudal and Nalón regions, associated with the Guild of Jewelers and Watchmakers of Asturias, including Dimas, Miguel and La Perla in Mieres, Alquimia in Pola de Laviana, Cholo and Mónica Alvarez in El Entrego, Maximino in Sama and Felgueroso in Sama and La Felguera, present these days in their windows the latest trends and creations in jewelry to offer to mothers next Sunday.

The jewelry presented at the last shows, very attractive pieces, with varied designs, are already in jewelry stores and undoubtedly constitute a complete success to give as a gift next Sunday. Fashion and style in jewelry have very suggestive ideas to offer to mothers, regardless of their age, since each piece has its originality and testifies to the affection and dedication of children for mothers who support family life. Mothers deserve everything and this must always be reflected every day of the year and especially on the first Sunday in May, a day of homage to mothers.

Finding the right gift, in the selection of jewelry that the professionals of the Caudal and Nalón jewelry stores have in their establishments, is easy. The options are numerous: necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and other pieces in gold and silver with current designs complemented by precious or semi-precious stones. Jewelry, which has value in itself, is the ideal detail to dress for work, at a family or social party, or on the street. A piece of jewelry gives an elegant touch at any time and in any situation.

Before next Sunday, Mother's Day, the best option to give the gift well is to see the windows of the jewelry stores or enter the establishments where you will find advice, opinions and the appropriate suggestion, since the jewelry stores in the mining regions They are attended by professionals with extensive experience and many years of exemplary activity. Because of their love and dedication towards family, mothers are a gem and remembering them on this day with a piece of jewelry is a memory that will always have great value.