Cahors. Lawyers: free consultation for everyone

For several years, there have been free consultations with lawyers in the Cahors courthouse, aimed at the most vulnerable. Appointments are made at the Cahors Bar (0565356250).

From March, these free legal consultations, this time for everyone, without resource conditions, will continue in the department.

This is the first action initiated by CDAD (Council of the Department for Legal Access), a driving and coordinating body that brings together public authorities, legal professionals and associations. Its main purpose is to promote access to the law by defining local access to law policies.

“Thanks to Lot Bar's commitment and the support of the local authorities, the municipalities of Bretenoux, Figeac and Pays Burian, these free consultations will be organized from March in Bretenoux, Gourdon and Figeac”, explains Gilles Acomandeau, President of Cahors. Supreme Court and Bar Association President Nadine Saint-Pry.

“The purpose of these consultations, which last about 20 minutes, is to allow initial access to legal information, to achieve an indicative goal without analyzing the essence of the legal problem.”

The goal is to direct the person to the right person and guide them to the right procedure.

No resource condition is required: each citizen will be able to benefit from one free legal consultation per year and per legal problem. However, a person should not have their case reviewed by a legal professional beforehand.

The lawyer will fill out an information sheet without a name, regarding the main subject of the consultation (social law, family law, etc.) for statistical data.

Free legal consultations will, in principle, take place on the first Wednesday of every month, from 14:00 to 16:00, on a voluntary basis (“Volunteers are more than appointments”, welcomes Nadine Saint-Prix.

They will take place in the town halls of Figeac (0565500540) and Bretenoux (0565109999) and in the community house of Gordon (0565372370). Therefore, it will be necessary to schedule a meeting with these structures. CDAD has other projects: a website will be ready in March, events for young people will be planned (interventions in high schools and colleges). and information from family guardians will be supported. Contact:

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