Bubble-proof real estate crowdfunding, the opportunity to invest in shared real estate in Italy

Will the real estate sector be the next crowdfunding Eldorado in Italy? Given the figures and the interest of operators, this would seem to be the case. Last year, statistics from Crowdfunding Buzz, projects from lend or lend money, there were a total of 401, for a total of 133,896,000 euros in funds raised. While those of equity, which involves participation in society, they were in total 31, for a total of 49,107,000 euros. Figures growing by 6%, but which remain residual if we compare them to the rest of Europe, including France where, for example, more than 1.3 billion were collected for bricks in 2022.

“The Italian real estate crowdsourcing market is among the youngest and has great potential,” he confirms. Carlo Magnoni, with more than 20 years of experience in investments and real estate development, today at the head of Urbanitae, the Spanish platform that operates in the sector. Urbanitae is only the latest operator to arrive in Italy, but with clear ideas: to achieve 50 million projects funded already in his First year of activity. An opportunity for builders and investors. “As Urbanitae, we are committed to ensuring that crowdfunding continues to grow as a source of funding for local developers.“, insisted Magnoni.

Why do you foresee growth in real estate crowdsourcing in Italy?

“Apart from the fact that it is a young market, compared to that of other European countries, the bank credit sector for real estate operations has become more limited and, above all, small and medium developers have more difficult to access. have access to financing, despite the seriousness of the operation.

And what is your role?

“The platform brings together supply and demand. But for us, the selection of projects is fundamental, which must present certain characteristics of solidity and profitability. Only those that pass our analyzes are approved and made available to investors on the platform.

Who is the ideal investor for this type of operation?

“It depends, it’s very subjective. An investment offered in the good world is suitable for both small individual investors and investors with greater capabilities, as well as family managers or businesses. As with any investment, the number one rule is diversification, both by geographic area and by type of operation.”

Aren't you afraid of the risk of a real estate boom?

“It’s not an easy time, but the selection of operations we carry out constitutes the added value. The advantage of Urbanities it then means being present in 4 different European countries and therefore being able to seize opportunities in the different markets.”

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