Before filing a lawsuit, consult a lawyer

On a voluntary basis, lawyers from the Bourges Bar take turns providing free consultations at the House of Justice and Law.

These hotlines welcome, by appointment only, people who are concerned about their rights in difficult situations where specialized intervention is useful. They receive information to refer to a specialist firm, investigate their needs in more detail, criminal mediation or go to court in most cases.

These consultations, managed by an MJD clerk, cover all areas of law. The advantage is proximity to a lawyer and easy access without having to travel to the High Court of Bourges.

Tax-exempt people living in Cher are entitled to one voucher per year for a free consultation. These consultations are financially supported by the Departmental Council on Access to Children's Rights (CDAD). It provides this service throughout the department and is on call. Litigants can use legal aid to pay for solicitors' fees if legal action is required.

Nadine Dauphin-Giroux, former president of the Bourges Bar Association, has been on duty since the creation of the MJD. He believes that “the primary role of lawyers is to consult and be close to residents.”

and practical. MJD, 4, Stalingrad Street. Lawyer consultations twice a month, Rs Call and the headquarters in Bourges,

Veronique Petreau

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