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Hidden among the green valleys and breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, the Balmoral Castle it presents itself as a silent witness to the history, art and traditions linked to the British royal family. This summer, on the initiative of King Charles IIIthe castle is preparing to reveal its secrets to the world by offering for the first time the possibility of visiting the interior of this fascinating residence.

Open to the public: a unique initiative

The decision to open the gates of Balmoral Castle it reflects the sovereign's desire to share the places most dear to the royal family with his subjects and tourists, thus creating a bridge between past and future generations. From July 1 to August 4 The interiors of the castle, which until now remained a mystery to many, will become accessible, revealing an intimate part of the Windsors' lives.

Details about the tour and ticket cost

The tour route, limited to only 40 visitors per day, is designed to guarantee an exclusive and intimate experience. With an entry fee of £100Participants will have the unique opportunity to explore historic rooms including the personal apartments of King Charles and Queen Camilla, as well as the dining rooms and the red corridor, theater of state meetings. This price, although higher than standard access which only includes a visit to the gardens and the ballroom, offers total immersion in the heart of the residence.

The Afternoon Tea Experience

For those looking for something even more exclusive, an additional option is available: for £50 more you can participate in the traditional afternoon tea in the same rooms that saw the presence of members of the royal family. This moment full of charm and tradition promises to further enrich the visit by offering a taste of the daily life of the nobility.

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A journey into the history of Balmoral Castle

Purchased from Queen Victoria and of Prince Albert In the 1852, Balmoral Castle has undergone many extensions and alterations over the years, transforming into the sumptuous home we know today. With approximately 150 roomsThe castle is adorned with fine furniture, paintings and photographs which tell the story of the Windsor family and has over time become one of the most powerful symbols of their connection to Scotland and its traditions.

Balmoral Castle is not just a summer resort or private retreat for the monarchy; And a living monument to British history, its culture and its heritage. The chance to pass through its doors represents a unique opportunity to reconnect with the past, appreciate the art and architecture and delve into the traditions that have shaped the British royal family and, with it, an important part of the world .

*Top image – credits at Balmoral Castle

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