Avesnes-sur-Helpe: Legal advice soon offered

Residents of Avesnes-sur-Helpe will soon be able to consult lawyers for free. A system desired by the municipality and implemented by the Union of Young Lawyers, which will promote access to the law for all.

Valentin Paquier created the Union of Young Lawyers with great enthusiasm. of Avesnes– for help. “Our goal is to enhance bar life”– explains the young lawyer, the president of this completely new association. An association that also aims to improve legal life in general. “For example, by offering legal consultations to the population of Avesnes. » Which is timely, since this type of service is lacking in the sector. “It is already being done in Aulnoe-Aymeries, Maubeuge, justice centers. But it does not yet exist in Avesnes. »

Who will these consultations be for? And will they pay? No, they will be completely free and directed at all residents of Avesnes, without exception. “There are no special conditions Updated by Valentine Paquié, You just need to make an appointment. » Please note that it is Avesnes town hall that runs this new service, so you need to get information from them and make an appointment. Once a month, the association will hold consultations throughout the morning (three to four hours). “The idea is to develop and promote legislation. THE Avesnois has the right to benefit from free legal consultations. »

If this association is born, “This is because the Avesnes bar has become significantly younger. He’s never been so young.”. Today, the association already has many members under the age of forty. because yes “The only criterion for membership was under 40 years of age. This is an age limit set at the national level.” smiling Valentine Pacquierwhich clearly does not deny its more “older” colleagues. “They can join the association, they just won’t have the same status. They will be honorary members. They will also provide legal advice. »

• The treasurer of the association is master Antoine Ricardia, and the secretary is master Salim Benbarek.

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