Algeria France – Gold by plane? a lady wonders

Immigration – Algeria Visas and TravelThe circulation of personal property, in particular jewelry or precious metals such as gold, is the subject of several issues. A traveler wondered if she was allowed to carry gold with her. This through a question published on social networks.

Recently, a traveler who was planning to travel to France from Algeria carrying gold, wanted to know if carrying this precious metal was not prohibited by law. “Please, can we smuggle gold from Algeria to France? the woman posted to a travel-related Facebook group.

In the comments section related to said publication, opinions clash. “As long as you have declared it at the entrance, otherwise it will be difficult, because at the airport they will search your bags completely,” wrote one traveler. “I think we are allowed up to 150 g, if this weight is exceeded it will be seized. “This is what a customs official told my cousin last year because he was carrying undeclared jewelry,” one member testified.

“It depends on the jewelry you have, if you can wear everything, and wear a high collar, long sleeves so as not to attract attention, you can pass without problems, even if the door rings you take them off and then put them back on. On the other hand, if you have a lot of jewelry, you should not take risks, because you do not have the right to take jewelry out of Algeria without a declaration,” explained a young woman.

“Put them in the hold but if the luggage is lost you lose everything,” said a member to raise awareness to the author of the post. “It is best to check with the airline before departure to know how to transport gold safely. », one user advised.

Algeria-France flights: what does the law say about transporting gold by plane?

To answer this question, DNAlgérie has taken care to consult with the Algerian customs to have adequate information on this issue. In short, in the case of the transport of gold or the export of personal jewelry, this should not exceed 150 grams. From 150 g, you must complete a customs form (or, failing that, a declaration on normal paper) indicating the value of the jewelery transported.

If the transport of gold by plane is not prohibited, the legislation on the transport of dangerous goods applies in the cabin. Due to their weight and shape, gold bars are considered dangerous objects. It could be used to injure a person or damage the device.

Also keep in mind that air travel can be risky because what you carry is your responsibility. If your item has not been declared as cargo baggage (which allows you to take out insurance on the value carried), you will not be refunded the value of the item. Also in this case the airline can tell you how to travel with your gold safely.

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